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Wilmington Landscape Lighting Company is NOW Scheduling for Spring Installation

Unprecedented demand continues. If you are hoping for a new landscape lighting system, add-ons, maintenance, or service before summer, NOW is the time to give us a call.

Wilmington landscape lighting around white houseAs the surge in demand for home improvement services continue, we feel obligated to inform you that as of mid-January 2022, we are ALREADY scheduling landscape lighting installation for March! It seems impossible that Wilmington landscape lighting demand is remaining at these unprecedented levels – but it is true. If you’re considering new lighting before the summer season arrives, you absolutely need to call our team as soon as possible.

Wilmington Landscape Lighting is in High-Demand

With another surge in COVID-19 cases, more people are finding themselves with extra time at home (regretfully in quarantine at times). Additional time looking at the unrealized renovation or home improvement projects has led to more “get it done” action being taken.

While pool, patio, deck, and porch companies are booking out well over six months and dealing with additional material delays, outdoor lighting is at least a little more predictable. We’ve had only some minor interruptions in our supply chain, not nearly as extreme as the other home services.

Wilmington Outdoor Lighting Trends

In 2022, LED string lights are still one of the most popular items in our arsenal. They are excellent for outdoor entertaining and for everyday use. We are also seeing a rise in demand for color-changing LED lights which are fun and easily controlled with a smartphone. Lastly, an old staple, curb appeal lighting, is making a big comeback. With home and landscape renovations abound, adding lighting to the façade and front yard is a natural way to show off the improvements after dark.

Wilmington Holiday Lighting

In 2021, the demand continued through the summer and fall and became a mad dash for Christmas lighting services. While Christmas lighting installations are limited to a specific timeframe in fall and winter, we have never had a year that was completely booked so early.

That demand has changed consumer behavior, urging homeowners and business owners to plan further in advance.

In fact, we’ve recently provided Christmas lighting estimates to several new prospects while our crews are busy taking existing Christmas lights down for the year. If you think you’d like professional Christmas lighting this year – we’d urge you to go ahead and start now too. No harm in planning now. After all, your holiday lighting situation is fresh in your mind. It is quite easy to get into summer and have Christmas out of sight and out of mind. Next thing you know, it is Halloween, and our team has already filled the schedule. Don’t wait!

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, our goal is to provide you the absolute best LED landscape lighting systems. We custom design every system to complement the unique property features and functionality requirements of property owners. We always start with a complimentary design demonstration and estimate – so you’ll always know what you’re getting and what it will look like before you make a decision.

Call our team today to schedule your design consultation and demonstration. We look forward to working with you.