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Custom-Designed Outdoor Lighting Adds Visibility for All of Your Outdoor Activities and Chores

Do You NEED Outdoor Lighting for Functional Use of Your Outdoor Space? We Can Customize a Solution for You!

Have you ever gone outdoors after sunset to complete a vital chore that you just couldn’t get to during the daytime? Do you have an area of your property designed for recreation that requires lighting for use? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, we offer custom-designed LED outdoor lighting system installations to work for your NEEDED visibility. Check out the ideas below – maybe you didn’t know lighting it up was a possibility.

Pool Equipment Lights

It is certainly not a daily chore to interact with your swimming pool pump or heater. However, a variety of things could go wrong at any given time. If that happens at night, you’ll want to be able to see around the area, especially in relation to the pool pump’s electrical panel.

Trash Bins

Taking the trash out at night is quite a common occurrence. With trash cans tucked around the side or back of your home, make sure you can see where you step and what you’re doing. Choose either path lighting or task light targeting the area around your bins, or go with both.

Air Conditioning and Utility Lighting

You’re A/C unit, and gas meters are typically placed on the side of your home. Make sure that if you experience any challenges with either one, after night falls, you and the technician can see.

Functional outdoor lighting doesn’t just have to be for work and boring stuff. There is plenty of fun to have outdoors at night if you add some light to your functional spaces. Check out the ideas below. We have solutions for all of them and more.

  • Outdoor Kitchen Lighting
  • Outdoor Fireplace Lighting
  • Putting Green Lights
  • Batting Cage Lights
  • Tennis Courts Lighting
  • Horseshoe Pits/Cornhole Boards Lights
  • Sand Volleyball/Basketball Court Lights

From city lots to large farms and gated estates, every property in Eastern North Carolina offers unique features. Our team will design beautiful and functional outdoor lighting, whether you have a large woodpile for keeping the house heated, sheds, barns, pools, or recreational areas. Maximizing the use of your favorite outdoor areas, whether for fun or function – is one of the many joys of our outdoor lighting experts. Call today to schedule a free nighttime demonstration if you’re ready to illuminate your home.