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Protect Your Outdoor Lighting Investment Warranty with Shine365

Have you invested in a gorgeous outdoor lighting system to enhance your property and outdoor living experience? Consider signing up for the Shine365 maintenance package from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington. Not only will our service keep your system looking and functioning well, but it will also keep your warranty intact.

What is Included in Shine365

When you opt-in for the Shine365 program, you will have priority service from our experienced team. Your lighting system will receive a limited lifetime warranty. There are limitations to the lifetime warranty because the included annual quality check is required.

Our technicians will perform an annual quality check when you sign up for the Shine365 program. If your system needs service, the Shine365 program will cover parts and labor for transformers, brass and copper fixtures, brass and heavy-duty glass covers, low-voltage wire, and LED bulbs.

Wilmington Outdoor Lighting Quality Check

A picture containing tree, outdoor, garden, plant

Description automatically generatedOur certified technicians will thoroughly check your system once a year to ensure it looks as good as new and functions as expected. We will begin by visually inspecting the placement of your fixtures and system design and potentially recommending some enhancements.

Next, we will straighten and adjust fixtures as needed and remove any mulch or debris that has covered the fixtures. We will conduct a voltage test to ensure each fixture receives the proper amount of voltage.

We will clean all lenses and fixtures to ensure proper light output and check all connections. We will tighten transformer terminal block connections as needed and conceal any exposed wire. Any landscaping that can potentially block the lighting will be trimmed with your permission and guidance.

Lastly, we will check the automatic timing and operational control system. Don’t wait to protect your investment. Let our expert technicians give you peace of mind.

Keep Your Warranty! Join the Shine365 Warranty Program Today

To avoid costly repairs while keeping your outdoor lighting system in good working condition, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today (910) 356-8203. Our highly experienced team of certified technicians pride themselves on keeping our clients happy and their outdoor lighting functioning as if it were brand new.