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LED Upgrades

Did You Know Today’s Top-Quality LED Outdoor Lighting Uses as Much as 80% Less Energy Than Halogen?

Our LED landscape lighting offers a beautiful warm light with very little impact on your electric bill. Retrofit your existing system and start saving today!

When you think of LED lighting, do you think of the early days of LED? The days where they took a minute to fire up? Or the days where LED put out a harsh blue/white light? Those days are gone!

Light Emitting Diode technology has come a long way in the last decade. So much so, that we bet you can’t tell the difference between LED and Halogen.

As you can see above, LED looks as good or better than Halogen. And the cost-savings benefit + eco-friendly benefit make LED outdoor lighting the best and only choice.

LED landscape lighting uses approximately 80% less energy than Halogen.
LED lamp life is about 10x longer than Halogen.

Not only will you save on electricity immediately, but you will also save over the years for not having to replace bulbs. Most people can get a decade out of an LED bulb. Even if you left them running 24/7 all year long, you’d get a minimum of 3.5 years out of each LED lamp. Now, calculate that down to the number of hours you run your system and you can see – these lights truly last!

LED Landscape Lighting Retrofits

LED landscape lighting upgradeLED landscape lighting is in high-demand. It is the future of lighting. But you don’t have to start from scratch to enjoy the benefits of LED. Most existing Halogen landscape lighting systems can be updated to LED with our ability to retrofit fixtures. A few minor adjustments to other components might be necessary, but you’ll enjoy the same great lighting you’ve always enjoyed with a much lower energy bill.

Bonus: If you have a large landscape lighting system and your transformers are maxed out, you could free up space for those few additional lights you’ve been wanting without the expense of adding another transformer.

If you’re ready to update your landscape lighting to energy-efficient technology you enjoy in so many other parts of your life, call today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you. (770) 308-8808

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