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Landscape Lighting in Atlanta

As soon as the sun goes down, is your magnificent Atlanta home enveloped in darkness? Do your ornate landscaping and stunning outdoor living spaces disappear when night falls? If so, it's time to shed some light on the problem - literally! Georgia is famous for its vibrant city life paired with lush greenery and flowers, and with professionally installed landscape lighting you can enjoy these quintessential elements even more. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Atlanta for thoughtful design and top-notch customer service, backed by over 2 decades of industry expertise. Call us at (770) 308-8808 or complete this online form to schedule your design consultation.

Illuminate Your Nights with Atlanta Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting amplifies your home in endless ways. It highlights the expressive colors of the changing seasons, creates a stunning first impression for guests, and enhances safety and security. Our lighting experts work with you to design the ideal exterior ambiance that aligns with your personality and lifestyle. Late-night dog walks become more peaceful and relaxing under the soft glow of landscape lights. Dramatic shadows cast by magnolia limbs silhouette brick walls, while spotlights show off cheerful red roses in spring. Professionally installed Atlanta landscape lighting perfects your evenings under the starry city skies! Whether you want to showcase architectural features, illuminate pathways, or highlight gardens and trees, we can create a customized lighting plan that transforms your exterior into a breathtaking nighttime scene. Check out our photo gallery to get inspiration for your home!

pathway with outdoor lights

Benefits of Landscape Lighting in ATL:

  • Elevates Curb Appeal - Up-lighting trees, illuminating flower beds, etc. can create a magical setting to enjoy with the family.
  • Custom Design - Various lighting options allow for creativity and customization. With the guidance of our experts, your home will become the perfect place for entertaining guests in the evenings.
  • Increases Home Value - Curb appeal and an enhanced landscape design can increase property value.
  • Energy Efficient - Long-lasting, energy-saving LED technology used in every installation sourced from our premium manufacturers.
  • Proactive Maintenance - Or LEDs are durable and weather-resistant fixtures, that are backed by proactive maintenance from us and our extensive warranty plan.

Bring Your Vision to Light with a Professional Landscape Lighting Installer in Atlanta

To illuminate your home with luxurious, magnificent landscape lighting, trust the professionals. Don’t settle for DIY installations that often lead to frustration, blown budgets, and disappointing results. Our professional Atlanta lighting designers can expertly transform your exterior into a breathtaking nighttime destination for cherished memories and late-night talks.

With over 150,000 outdoor lighting installations nationwide and years of local experience, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Atlanta goes beyond the basics to create a truly custom design aligned with your vision. We carefully illuminate paths, stairways, and elevation changes to enhance navigation and safety. Our tailor-made plans showcase architectural features, elevate curb appeal, and highlight the best of your landscape.

Don't settle for lackluster DIY lighting. Our seasoned pros have the technical skill and creative vision to provide a flawless one-time installation that bathes your yard in beauty after dark. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Atlanta to make your dream landscape come to life at night!

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives for Atlanta Landscape Lighting Services and More!

Properly designed and installed landscape lighting can transform your home and outdoor spaces after the sun goes down. With strategic up lighting on trees, pathway lighting, and accent lighting to showcase architectural features, your property will look just as impressive at night as it does during the day. Landscape lighting provides beauty, security, flexibility, and increased home value - taking your exterior design to the next level.

Trust the lighting experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Atlanta to bring your vision to life. Our experienced team of professionals will design a customized lighting plan tailored specifically for your home and needs. We use high-quality fixtures and a user-friendly smartphone app to create an outdoor glow you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Don't leave your landscape in the dark. Contact us today to schedule your professional landscape lighting installation in Atlanta and finally see your home illuminated the way it deserves after sunset!

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