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Versatile, Splendid, Almighty Path Lighting

Path lighting is where a large portion of our landscape lighting designs begin. Whether we are illuminating paths directly or utilizing the versatile fixture to subtly illuminate flowers and garden beds, path lighting is a staple. Our LED path lights are premium quality brass and copper and always come with a lifetime warranty on the fixture, allowing you to enjoy your gorgeous accent lighting for decades.

Path lighting home entrance and sidewalk

At homes and businesses alike, providing safe navigation around the property is essential, especially after dark. Path lighting is your best choice for casting the right amount of light for sure footing. With a dome on top and a gorgeous warm light casting down and around, you can see where you are going and each step you take without being blinded by the light source or annoying your neighbors. And where DIY path lights add points of light along a path, our premium lighting casts a warm light across the path for better aesthetics and function.

Buford’s Best Path Lighting Systems

Path lighting for sidewalks, pathways, and entryways provide a warm welcome home and guide the way. They are perfect for your backyard garden walkway, your front entrance, and even your driveway. Illuminate the area between houses that lead to your backyard entertaining space or add visibility to your trash can storage area. Pathway lighting is both beautiful and practical.

Highlight the Perimeter of your Patio or Entertaining Space

Using path lighting to illuminate the perimeter of a space is perfect in today’s popular landscape designs. Many properties feature landscape beds around the edges and the fence line. We’ll utilize path lighting to highlight the foliage in those beds which ultimately creates a subtle glow around the perimeter of the entire yard. The same idea can be applied to your patio spaces. With landscape and flowerbeds often adding the decorative touch around the border of a patio, we are provided an opportunity to install accent lighting. By adding path lighting in the adjoining landscape beds, your patio is illuminated in a soft, subtle glow.

Garden Path Lighting

Landscape Beds For Dual Purpose Lighting

Decorative landscaping beds that include shrubbery, perennials, and annual flowers are a common feature in Atlanta landscapes. With the addition of fresh pine straw, area yards look neat and tidy with beautiful green foliage and colorful blooms. When we add path lighting to illuminate these landscape features, the results are astounding. Homeowners and business owners enjoy their landscape design at night, and simultaneously, the nearby pathways and walkways are visible with a soft glow. We even have a half path light so that we can shine light up onto taller plants like shrubs, while still casting that wide wash out across the path.

Garden Lighting

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Garden Path Lighting

Our premium fixtures combined with our expert lighting design skills and meticulous installation make Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Atlanta your best choice for path lighting system design and installation.

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