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Festive & string Lighting

Atlanta’s Best Professionally Designed and Installed Bistro Lighting

Whether it was at your favorite restaurant, the golf club, a friend’s home, or a scene from your favorite movie, when you saw those round overhead string lights, you just knew you had to have them!

The round string lights that create instant fun wherever they hang, are called bistro lights. Sometimes, market lights. And even string lights, festive lights, patio lights, party lights, or café lights. No matter what you call them, their magic is the same! With professionally designed and installed bistro lighting, you can enjoy an instant festive mood on your patio, deck, or other outdoor entertaining space.

Best of all, when you choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Atlanta to design and install your bistro lighting, you can leave them up permanently!

The Benefits of Adding Bistro Lighting to Your Outdoor Lighting System

Café lighting is the icing on the cake of your gorgeous outdoor lighting system. They provide a more specific feeling and mood than any other light in our warehouse. But it isn’t just one mood – which is why these trending lights are quickly becoming a classic must-have for every home.

Market Lights Put the P in Party

One of the reasons these sophisticated lights are often called party or festive lights is because of the instant fun they provide. While they may have been utilized back in the day at carnivals and street fairs, today they are used for any outdoor space where people may gather for fun. From your favorite restaurant's dining patio, the winery’s live music venue and all the way to your very own backyard, with the flip of a switch, it is time to let the day’s stress go and unwind with your favorite people.

Café Lights Create a Perfect Mood for a Romantic Night for Two

Just because they are fun, doesn’t mean only parties can make use of these stunning LED outdoor lights. When you cook a perfect meal on the grill for your Number One, setting the table for two on the deck or patio is instantly more romantic with the flip of a switch. A meal under the stars now becomes a meal under the lights, where you can enjoy good food, each other’s company, and just enough light to make the romance sizzle.

Professional Bistro Lighting Installation

It is likely you didn’t need to be told the best reasons for adding bistro lighting to your outdoor space, but you may be wondering why you can’t just hang these lights yourself. After all, the big box store is inundated with them, and they can’t be more difficult than hanging holiday lights? Can they?

It turns out, to get the look you loved at the resort on your Caribbean vacation, you DO need a team with expert design and installation skills. The benefits of choosing the pros for this outdoor lighting project are plentiful:

Custom Design

There are some really cool designs you can enjoy with professional bistro lighting installation. Not just straight rows, but maybe a fan design. Depending on your space, you may not even be considering some of the best design options available.

Custom Length

No extra bulbs hanging or gathered at the end of your run. No “we almost made it” blank spots at the end of your run. Your LED market lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will be custom strung to meet the specifications of your exact design and outdoor living space.

Custom Installation

Bistro lighting is quite a bit different than holiday lighting because it typically spans over an open space vs. lining a roof or wrapping a tree. This leaves you vulnerable to sagging lines that lose their aesthetic design over time. We use guidewire, and the best connectors so that your lights will look as good on day 50 and day 1,500 as they do on day one!

Best Quality Lights

Our LED lights are the best quality available, professional-grade bistro lights. They will last through regular seasonal weather and will maintain their consistent color and brightness. And, if one should break from a backyard mishap, we can replace just the one bulb! If your big box lights break, you have to replace the entire string!!!

Five-Year Warranty

We don’t just say these lights last; we back it up with a five-year warranty. Should any bulb go out or quit working during the first five years, we will come out and fix it at no cost to you! It is expected in the industry that the big box globe lights need replacing at minimum every two years, but often, every season. The value you get with our professional design, expert installation, and a five-year warranty, makes choosing the pros for your bistro lighting installation a no-brainer.

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