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Illuminating the outdoors with just the right amount of lighting for added beauty, function, safety, and security requires expert design and installation skills. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Atlanta, our professional lighting technicians make the difference. We work closely with you to create the perfect custom outdoor lighting system to meet your needs. And with our top-quality lights, you know you’ll enjoy the results for years to come.

installing outdoor lightingOutdoor lighting encompasses a large variety of lighting needs and techniques. With our skill and expertise, we serve both commercial and residential properties and will work on any system, whether or not we installed it.

Outdoor Lighting Design

There is so much more to outdoor lighting than most people think. To get a professional aesthetic when your system turns on at dusk, you need a system designed by the professionals. Our design expertise starts with design and ends with you. We know how to get the results you want with the best lights and lighting techniques. We also know how to build your system to work exactly the way you want, which means creating scenes with custom zones, and the right switches for you to get the lighting effect you want and only when you want it.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

From uplighting to downlighting and everything in between, our lighting technicians have been through rigorous training to ensure the quality, safety, and aesthetic integrity of every outdoor lighting installation. Each and every light requires a precise angle and wash to achieve the desired result. If one light is adjusted improperly it can upset the entire design. Jobs big or small, commercial or residential, our professionals are meticulous in their work and will always come back after dark to make final adjustments for the best looking outdoor lighting in Atlanta.

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance and Service

Have you ever driven by an illuminated sign where one letter is not illuminated? The darkness of one letter leaves an impression of disrepair and lack of care. The first impression of an outdoor lighting system with a few lights out of place or broken can be just as unimpressive. Call us if your outdoor lighting system needs repairs and adjustments to get it looking gorgeous again! We will service all systems.

We also offer an Annual Maintenance Plan for our lighting clients. This service is not only vital to the aesthetic integrity of your lighting system but is also important for the life of your lights.

Each year we will check every piece and part of your lighting system to make sure it is all still in good working order and that the design is intact. This might require tasks such as replacing bulbs, adjusting lamps, reburying lines, moving lights to account for landscape growth, or even trimming back shrubbery to clear an obstructed light. We’ll check your timers and transformer, testing voltages making any adjustments required.

Whether you are installing new lighting or need adjustments to your existing system, call us today. We service all brands, so even if we didn’t install it, we can adjust and repair it. (770) 308-8808 We look forward to hearing from you!

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