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Pool Season is Here! Transform Your Pool Area With Our Help

Discover the Possibilities of Atlanta Pool Lighting

backyard pool lighting Think about your swimming pool as the TV in your backyard. It’s everyone’s favorite feature, it gets the most attention, and everyone always looks forward to it. Now think of everything that surrounds your TV: furniture, home décor, a rug, lighting, etc. Just like your living room, your backyard needs to contain something more than just a pool. With Atlanta pool lighting, we can transform your empty and dark backyard into the perfect summer hang-out, day or night!

Why You Need Atlanta Pool Lighting

There are dozens of reasons why you should invest in Atlanta pool lighting. For one, your swimming pool probably doesn’t emit enough light to cover your whole backyard. This doesn’t help you see any critters running around at night and sure doesn’t make you feel very safe if you’re swimming at night. If you want to create the perfect night swimming atmosphere this summer, Atlanta pool lighting can help. After your lighting is installed, you can enjoy a beautiful view of your pool and yard at night just like you would during the day – perhaps even more.

path and pool lighting Increase Safety and Security with Fence Lighting

Pools and safety go hand in hand. It’ important to be able to see what’s going on near your pool at all times. That way, if anyone unexpectedly falls in, you can easily see them and run to their rescue. One way we can increase the safety and security of your pool is by installing fence lighting on the fence that surrounds your pool. Not only does fence lighting look magical at night, but it provides your pool area with the extra light it needs to add safety.

Transform Your Pool Area with Atlanta Landscape Lighting

In addition to installing fence lighting around your pool, we can also transform your pool area by adding lighting to your deck and patio, pathways leading to the pool, in the trees, your pool house, and even throughout your landscape. With our help, we can bring your entire backyard to life at night. Every time you or a guest walks to your pool, they will be surrounded by beautiful lights. From their walk along the sidewalk to eating burgers by the grill, they’ll be enchanted. Our expert Northeast Atlanta landscape lighting designers can help you emphasize your yard’s best features so you can enjoy the view from inside your pool, on your deck, or inside your home. You’ll adore your new lights so much that you will never want to come inside.

If you want to add safety and fun to your backyard pool area for nighttime use, we can help! Call our team today to schedule a lighting design consultation.