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Mid-summer Heat Calls for Pergola Lighting in Northeast Atlanta

porch lighting Amid the summer heat, residents of northeast Atlanta experience the blazing sun on a whole new level. With how hot it gets in Atlanta and the humidity on top of it, shaded areas are more popular than the direct sunlight.

Not only can it be uncomfortable to be in direct sunlight, but you can be at risk of the dangerous UV rays. Don’t abandon your favorite daytime hangout spot because the sun is setting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northeast Atlanta will install lighting on your front or back porches, pergolas, or pavilions.

Porch lighting

Our porch lighting will illuminate your outdoor living space for everyone to enjoy even after the sun goes down. Energy-efficient lights are our specialty for residential and hospitality properties. Professionally installed porch lighting will last longer and add visibility to your property.

Porch lighting will offer an aesthetic appeal to your home and your yard. The lighting will provide you and your family with a gathering area to enjoy the fun and the outdoors. Having the chance to sit outside for as long as desired, especially when it gets dark, will make for a peaceful evening.

Pergola lighting

Pergolas are known for their beauty and appealing features. Highlighting the height and perimeter is a technique we use to brighten the columns and louvers of the pergola. With this technique, pergola lighting is specially crafted to the needs of our clients. Custom pergola lighting is essential to achieve your desired effect, whether that is crafty or sleek.

The lighting surrounding pergolas is subtle for a relaxed feel instead of a bright and loud appearance. It will transform your yard into a nighttime sanctuary.

Pavilion lighting

pergola lighting Pavilion lighting can vary on the size and area in which the pavilion is located. Column lights, task lights, and tray lighting are popular options. A new trend involves RGB LED lighting. There are multiple colors to choose from, depending on the vibe you are going for on any given day. The mobile application also allows you to change the lighting color at any time. Creating a party space with pavilion lighting is completely doable while providing great visibility as well.

If you are looking to light up your porch, pergola or pavilion to appreciate more time in the outdoors, contact Northeast Atlanta Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today.