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Subtle Security Lighting without the Blinding Flood Light and Motion Sensor

Add Outdoor Security Lighting To Your Home That Looks Beautiful

Did you know you can increase security at your home without putting intruders under an obvious spotlight? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Atlanta Northeast, we believe outdoor security lighting can look beautiful and still provide the same sense of security as unattractive floodlights. There’s no reason to make your neighbors think the sun is shining every time someone walks through your yard at night. With our outdoor security lighting, we can add security, safety, and beauty to your home at night all in one.

Enjoy Outdoor Security Lighting Without Floodlights Atlanta Security lighting

Have you ever walked up to someone’s home and felt their motion floodlight put you on the spot? If you were an intruder, you definitely wouldn’t want to walk near this home, but neither would you as a guest. Instead of blinding every person who walks by your home with a floodlight, we can install subtle outdoor security lighting instead. Our subtle security lighting uses different outdoor lighting designs to illuminate dark areas of your home and yard. Not only will this help brighten every area of your yard, but it will deter intruders away just as well as blinding floodlights.

Atlanta Outdoor Lighting Options for Security

To keep your home nice and safe, we can use uplighting along the edges of your home to shine against the exterior walls. This will create a beautiful shadow effect and leave no area in the dark at night. We can also add lighting to your driveway, pathways, and patios and throughout dark areas of your yard. No walk up to the entrance of your home will ever be in the dark again. This subtle security lighting is the perfect way to deter intruders without creating an eyesore in the process. Our subtle security lighting might just look like outdoor lighting, but with our expert design in mind, it provides the right amount of light for added security.

If you want to add security to your property but are not interested in floodlights and motion sensors, we can help! Call our team today to schedule a lighting design consultation.