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LED Up Lighting Services in Atlanta

Your home likely has basic downlighting around doorways and entries, but what's missing? That wow factor and aesthetic flair that can only come from thoughtfully placed up lighting. Strategically illuminating your home's exquisite architectural details, towering trees, and lush landscaping extend your curb appeal into the night, rather than letting it disappear with the sunset. And a haphazard DIY installation of exterior lighting won't cut it. For up lighting with the perfect placement, angles, and luminosity to showcase your home's best features, trust the lighting experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. With over 20 years of bringing clients' dream yards to life, we develop fully customized outdoor lighting plans to complement your home's unique style. Our up lighting installations add striking ambience, security, and elegance that you and your guests will appreciate for years to come. Bring a new dimension of beauty to your home exterior after sunset with up lighting from the seasoned pros at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Call today at (770) 308-8808 to schedule a design consultation and start getting the most out of your spaces!

Professionally Installed LED Up Lighting in Atlanta: Choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

When it comes to outdoor lighting, leave the work to the experts for an ideal ambiance. With over 150,000 installations nationwide and hundreds of satisfied homeowners in Atlanta, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has earned a reputation for excellence. We use only the highest quality materials, like corrosion-proof wires and long-lasting LED bulbs, to ensure durability and visual impact. Our LED up lighting services showcase your home with strategic illumination to accentuate architectural details, landscaping, and hardscape features. The right up lighting placement creates a magnificent glow that boosts your home's luxurious curb appeal after dark. Our energy-efficient LED bulbs last approximately 50,000 hours and are backed by our Shine360 warranty for peace of mind. Let us tailor a lighting plan to elevate your home's unique style with brilliant LED up lighting designed to impress and installed to last. Your property will shine each night with our expert touch.

LED lighting in Atlanta

Elevate Your Home with LED Up Lighting

Up lighting is an illuminating technique that creates dramatic ambiance and intrigue for your property’s exterior design. Our outdoor lighting experts in Atlanta use up lighting to transform homes after dark. Strategically positioned at the base of trees and landscaping, LED up lights cast an inviting glow and interesting shadows that highlight the depth, scale, and volume of your greenery. The entire yard becomes a focal point, with lush foliage taking center stage at night.

Up lighting also accentuates architectural details that may get lost in the dark. When your home's designs, like stonework, columns, yard décor, staircases, and water features, are illuminated from below, their intricate textures gain a new dimension. LED up lighting draws attention to these features, creating striking focal points on the exterior of your home.

The possibilities are endless for Atlanta LED up lighting services from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Our custom-designed outdoor lighting plans ensure your outdoor spaces receive the ideal illumination to complement your one-of-a-kind style. The strategic placement of each LED up light elevates your home to the next level for nighttime allure.

Illuminate Your Home's Best Features with LED Up Lighting

Strategic up lighting spotlights your home's most appealing aspects, creating an inviting glow after dark. Here are some key reasons to light up your Atlanta home with custom LED up lighting:

  • Draws Eyes Upward - Up lighting casts a warm, welcoming glow that instantly boosts curb appeal. Your home will stand out on the street.
  • Showcases Landscaping - Trees, plants, and hardscapes shine when illuminated from below.
  • Resort-Like Ambiance - Soft up lighting sets a luxurious, laidback tone for your exterior living spaces.
  • Highlights Architecture - Entryways, columns, textures, and designs take center stage, dramatically lit from below.
  • Enhances Security - Your home becomes a bright, unwelcoming target for intruders when fully illuminated.
  • Energy Efficient - LED up lights use minimal electricity while lasting for years without maintenance.
  • Customizable - We tailor the up lighting to complement your home's unique architecture and style.
  • Increases Resale Value - Up lighting is an attractive differentiator that wows potential buyers.
  • Flexible Lighting - Up lighting perfectly pairs with downlighting and pathway illumination.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northeast Atlanta

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to schedule your design consultation with one of our experts. Check out our blog for more outdoor lighting tips and tricks, and to learn a little more about the art of up lighting! Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to maximize the utility your spaces and truly enjoy the night!