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Outdoor Lighting for Churches and Worship Centers

Outdoor lighting for churches, synagogues, temples and worship centers takes specific skill and restraint to respectfully contribute to the building’s architecture and grounds. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay has a wealth of experience when it comes to the varied needs involving this type of outdoor lighting.

Enhance your place of worship with artfully applied outdoor lighting to delight your congregation

Our designers will meet with worship leaders to understand how the building is used by the congregation and guests at all hours and days of the week. We can amplify lighting if there is evening worship or special religious study classes, for example. This will ensure the safety and security of each member as they make their way to the building at any hour.

We look at the style, period and architecture of the building and its placement on the property to make sure that the lighting plan provides a harmonious feel. We can illuminate significant features that would benefit from focused lighting such as a crucifix, Star of David, stained glass, a steeple, and even your signage. We can upgrade outdated lighting for a fresh feel that will update the exterior.

Ensure all who enter to feel warm and welcome through lighting

Pathways, sidewalks, ornamental trees, hardscape and fencing can all be lit beautifully so visitors and member can walk around the property with ease. The parking lot, entrance, steps and front door can be elegantly lit to prevent slips and falls. Our designers pay homage to the architecture of the building so that it stands out in the darkness and draws attention; but this is coupled with a sense of safety and security, too. The goal is to make the building impressive and remarkable, but make sure it is warm and welcoming at the same time. In addition, visibility is optimum to alleviate hazards.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay will work with your city and town ordinances and stay within building code. We will hide fixtures so that they flow with the property and prevent accidents. Uplighting in ground wells can sit flush in the ground; and downlighting can be hidden in trees, for example. Some older worship structures struggle with added wattage loads due to old wiring. Low-wattage LED’s are a solution to minimize impact and save money on consumption at the same time.

Provide your congregation an elegantly lit worship building and property that pays homage to your religious community. Entice new members to join thanks to glorious lighting that envelops your worship building in a halo of illumination. Accent your stonework, façade and other architectural elements to make your Church, synagogue or worship center memorable in the evening light.

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay show you have we can light your place of worship. Contact us today to arrange a free design consultation.

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