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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay is a full-service residential, commercial, hospitality and special event outdoor lighting contractor. We can give your storefront or business the attention it deserves through outdoor lighting!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay delivers stunning outdoor lighting for St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay and Clearwater area hotels, resorts and bed & breakfasts. We are the one and only full-service exterior lighting company for hospitality buildings solely focused on soup-to-nuts professional outdoor lighting design, installation and maintenance for hospitality venues. Our highly-efficient LED lighting can reduce energy consumption by up to 75%. Whether it be a retrofit of an outdated system, updated design or a new-build plan, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater’s hospitality lighting serves hospitality engineers with expert consultation, the latest technologies and premium fixtures.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting

We provide solutions for all your commercial outdoor lighting needs. Whether you are starting your outdoor lighting design from scratch in a new building, or your business lies within an existing or vintage venue, we have the right light to fit your needs. With our evening demonstration, you’ll be able to see in advance exactly what imaginative landscape and architectural lighting can do for your commercial property.

Commercial building with lighting

We Serve Hospitality Architects, Designers & Engineers

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay’s hospitality lighting caters to enhancing the experience for your patrons and helps grow your bottom line. We can custom design, install and maintain outdoor lighting tailor-made for the most intimate B&B to a sprawling resort!

Outside area with specialty lighting

We design, install and maintain outdoor illumination for your property. This includes exterior facades, entrances, common areas and special attraction outdoor spaces for your hotel, bed and breakfast or resort with stunning displays of highly-efficient LED lighting effects, and reduce your energy bills in the process.

Personalized Design, Service & Attention To Detail

We know that each client and property is different, we provide personalized service that steers away from a one design fits all mentality. As lighting specialists, we take time to understand our client’s goals and the atmosphere they wish to reflect. As professionals, we are passionate about our job and strive to provide the best possible service with optimal lighting results. As part of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives with more than 100,000 installations completed, we know what it takes to ensure our clients’ satisfaction every time

Exterior commercial building with lighting

A Truly Custom Experience, Start To Finish!

After your initial consultation, one of our lighting specialists will install a temporary lighting system on your property. We will help you customize the look and feel of your outdoor space until it is perfect.

Our lighting specialists want to make sure your new hospitality lighting system provides the perfect glow and ambiance for years to come. The lighting fixtures we use in the installation of our hospitality lighting systems are of the highest quality and built with longevity in mind. We use premium corrosion-resistant fixtures handcrafted especially for each of our client’s needs. Many of our clients take a proactive approach to preserving the benefits created through hospitality exterior lighting by joining our Annual Maintenance Plan. This allows our clients to focus on their business while we maintain the integrity of your system.

Benefits of Clearwater Commercial Outdoor Lighting

  • Safety: Just as is the case with your home, a well-lit business is a safe business. Proper illumination helps prevent accidents, trips and falls. Such illumination could come in the form of bollard lights along pathways or through parking lots in order to ensure your clients and employees are not surprised by curbs. It can also include ample lighting around stairs and doorways.
  • Security: Commercial outdoor lighting also provides added security for your business or storefront and helps deter crime. Businesses that darken as the sun sets are much more likely to be broken into or become the victim of vandalism. Adequate outdoor lighting makes it much harder for criminals to hide within the veil of darkness.
  • Beauty & Ambiance: Commercial outdoor lighting can contribute to your company’s success by simply making it more visible. A beautifully lit office or storefront catches the eye, and often, all you need to do is catch a potential client’s eye. With outdoor lighting, your signage will still be visible after dark, and your place of business will stand out from the crowd!
  • Boost Employee Morale & Productivity: Smart Clearwater-area employers are beginning to understand that providing a pleasant working atmosphere can be a huge benefit to their employees. Having a green space for employees to enjoy has been shown to reduce workplace stress and depression. This is proof positive commercial landscaping and lighting is about more than just curb appeal.
  • Make Visits Memorable: Savvy St. Petersburg, Clearwater & Tampa Bay business owners, especially those in food and retail industries, know commercial outdoor lighting is the perfect way to draw customers in and keep them coming back for more. While your offerings and service have to be top notch, don’t overlook the atmosphere your storefront provides. Just like the benefits of custom packaging and branding, lighting can enhance the entire customer experience.

Have Existing Commercial Outdoor Lighting?

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa come out and evaluate your commercial property. We can provide you with design recommendations and a LED retrofit solution that will help enhance your system and provide significant maintenance and energy savings, as well as increased efficiency.

Whether you need a retrofit of an outdated system or a new-build plan, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay is here to serve you with expert consultation, the latest technologies and premium fixtures.

For a complimentary design consultation or answers to questions, please contact us at (727) 513-3420.

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