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Colored Roofline Lighting Will Make Your Home The Highlight Of The Neighborhood

No matter how you say it …

  • Colored Roofline Lighting
  • Colored RGB Roofline Lighting
  • RGB LED Outdoor Lighting
  • Color-Changing Outdoor Lighting
  • Permanent Holiday Outdoor Lighting
  • Permanent Eave Lights
  • Color-Changing Eave Lights

… the answer is “YES!” We do it all with a professional consultation, custom design, meticulous installation and expert service.

green, red, and white lights on roofline on Florida home

What Is Colored Roofline Lighting?

Colored roofline lighting, also known as roofline LED lights or roofline accent lighting, is a popular feature used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of buildings and homes here throughout Clearwater and Tampa Bay. These lights are expertly installed along the edge or perimeter of the roofline, highlighting the architectural lines of the structure.

professionally installed RGB lighting on a Florida home

Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we feature various options available for colored roofline lighting allowing homeowners and businesses to customize the appearance of their buildings in unique and captivating ways year round.

commercial roofline lighting in Florida

LED Technology. Our custom colored roofline lighting predominantly utilizes LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. LEDs are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and capable of producing vibrant colors. They are also flexible, making it easier to install them along curved or angled rooflines.

colored rgb roofline lighting in Florida

Color Options And Control Options. Our OLP colored roofline lighting offers a wide range of color options, allowing you to create different effects and atmospheres. Of course, we provide a selection of static colors such as red, green, blue, and white. Additionally, this system offers dynamic color-changing options, where the lights can cycle through various colors or be programmed to display specific patterns. It's colorful lighting any way you want it, as you are in complete control.

blue roofline lighting on a house in Florida with palm trees

Using our smartphone app or home automation integration, you can control the lights from anywhere using your mobile device or integrate them with other smart devices in your home. That’s right. By using cloud technology and our custom app, you can control your lights from your iOS or Android smartphone whenever you would like.

Durable, Dependable Weather Resistance. Our colored roofline lighting is highly rated for outdoor applications, has appropriate IP (Ingress Protection) ratings, and is designed to withstand various weather conditions such as rain, UV exposure, and the occasional rare snow fall.

red led roofline lights on a home in Florida

red, white, and blue led lights on a Florida home

Energy Efficient Architectural Lighting – In Living Color. The LED technology we use in our custom colored roofline lighting is energy-efficient compared to traditional lighting options. LEDs consume less electricity, helping to reduce energy costs. Additionally, our system offers programmable timers, allowing you to automate the lighting and further optimize energy usage.

From The Rooftop On Down, Our Permanent Outdoor Lighting Makes Every Day A Joyous One In Every Color Imaginable

Our RGB (red, green, blue) colored roofline lighting is a versatile and visually appealing option to enhance the exterior aesthetics of your home, office building and hospitality venue. With various color choices, control options, and energy efficiency, it allows you to create stunning lighting effects and make your property stand out in exceptional, memorable style.

red and white led colored roofline lights on a home in Florida

colored LED RGB Roofline Lighting used in pool lanai.

colored roofline paired with bistro lighing on guest house in Florida

A Complimentary Permanent Roofline Color Lighting Consultation Is Yours For The Asking

We invite you to call us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater and Tampa Bay (OLP) at (727) 513-3420. Better yet, just click right here to connect with us.

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