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Showcase Your Home and Landscape with Beautiful Outdoor Lighting in East Lake, FL

firepit outdoor lightingTo live in East Lake, FL, is to practically live outdoors, often late into the evenings – so what better place to put outdoor lighting to work for you? Residents of East Lake love being a bit removed from the more populated Florida cities like Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater. As a result, the nightlife in East Lake, FL, is found in your back yard.

East Lake is optimally located just north of Oldsmar, FL, and just east of Palm Harbor and Tarpon Springs. This authentic Florida community in northern Pinellas County has the perfect mix of young families and retirees. Among the characteristics they share are a laid-back lifestyle and a preference for spending time outdoors. While East Lake’s beautiful residential neighborhoods have easy access to the area’s preserves and natural parks, in the evenings outdoor living means kicking back at home.Tree lighting in backyard

East Lake FL Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is central to pretty much all of an East Lake homeowner’s outdoor lighting needs. Don’t be fooled when it sounds as though the term landscape lighting refers to just one thing. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay, it’s actually shorthand for several kinds of outdoor lighting described here.

Tree lighting

The Grandeur of Palm Tree Lighting in East Lake, FL

When you drive by a home with a palm tree that seems to be glowing at night, that stunning display is the work of a professional outdoor lighting installer. When you hire a landscape lighting company, you want to be sure they’re familiar with the kinds of palm trees found here. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we know how to illuminate these beautiful trees effectively. Our landscape lighting installers have the training and experience to showcase your beautiful palm trees like no one else.

The Magic of Pool Lighting in East Lake, FLPool and surrounding area lighting

It’s no secret the people of East Lake love the water. While residents can reach Tampa Bay, Lake Tarpon, and the Gulf beaches easily, the water you spend the most time around is your pool. At night, a pool with the perfect amount of subtle landscape lighting nearby becomes a magical place. We say subtle because the best landscape lighting around a pool sometimes teases you with the suggestion of lighting. Light dances on the surface of your pool when the water is in motion and rests there when it’s still.

Pool and surrounding area lightingPool lighting is not only for special effects. Carefully placed LED outdoor lighting around your East lake pool area gives you light to see by. In addition to magic and beauty, its function is safety around the pool. Path lighting leads you from the house to the pool, if the pool isn’t close to your back door. Pool lighting can be so beautiful people forget the role it plays in increasing safety at your home. We don’t forget. Safety is always on the minds of your professional outdoor lighting designers and installers with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay.

Mystical Water Feature Lighting in East Lake, FL

Do you have any water features on your property other than a swimming pool? If you don’t already have landscape lighting installed for them, you may not know what you’re missing. Adding landscape lighting to a fountain or to a bubbling waterfall cascading into a pond creates an experience to delight the senses. The combination of seeing lights on the moving water and hearing the sound of the moving water will transport you.

Lively Festive String Lighting in East Lake, FL

Whether you call it string lighting, party lighting, festive or festival lighting, those strings of lights often create an energy that moves people to dance. We do have outdoor lighting clients who hired us to install festival lighting for an event at their home and couldn’t part with it later. That’s understandable! Lucky for you, we work with high-quality string decorative outdoor lighting that is rated for permanent outdoor use. With these party lights installed at your East Lake home, every night can be a festive occasion.

patio lights

At the beginning of the evening when the energy is palpable, outdoor string lighting serves several functions. First, it sets the atmosphere for a party. Also, it can literally outline a dance floor or an arrangement of tables and guide your guests to these areas. Then, string lighting provides the light your guests need to see by as they move around and through the party setting. Again, this form of outdoor lighting increases safety around your property.

LED Outdoor Lighting in East Lake, FL

You’ve heard of LED lighting but you may not realize how it has revolutionized outdoor lighting. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay, LED is the outdoor lighting we recommend. Today’s LED outdoor lighting technology provides beautiful light for East Lake homeowners.

Whether we’re illuminating your palm trees, the pool area, your gardens or other plants in your yard, LED light is true. It’s easier to direct than previous outdoor lighting technologies, so it’s more effective. LED bulbs last longer than halogen bulbs. Best of all, LED lighting is energy efficient – so much that your energy savings can be as much as 80% compared to halogen lighting systems.Tree lighting

If you already have halogen lighting installed at your East Lake home, we can evaluate your system for an LED upgrade. In many cases we can retrofit your old lights and install LED bulbs without having to install new fixtures – saving you money from the start. Our ability to retrofit your outdoor lighting system for LED bulbs depends on the types of fixtures you have now.

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As you get to know us, you’ll understand the significance of the fact that outdoor lighting is all we do. We specialize in all the types of outdoor lighting you might need at your East Lake, FL, home. We have served the lighting needs of northern Pinellas County homeowners for over 16 years. We know the architecture in the area and the varieties of trees and plants here. We want to be your outdoor lighting partners for life.

With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay, you can expect an amazingly quick response time, the highest level of service, and a refreshing attention to detail. Let us show you how we can enhance your East Lake, FL, home and outdoor living spaces. Call today at (727) 513-3420 or fill out our form.

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