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Upgrade the Look of Your Home with New Outdoor Lighting in 2021

It’s time for a fresh start in outdoor lighting in 2021! Add a new look with brand new all-metal outdoor lighting fixtures that are sure to give your home an entirely different flair. If your old fixtures are faded, worn or could use an update to LED bulbs—this is a great time to get a whole new look. Kick off the new year with beneficial outdoor lighting that enhances everything you do on your property, and increases safety and security.

Oldsmar landscape lighting

Outdoor Lighting Makes Every Night Easier to Navigate & Enjoy

Cooler evenings in St. Petersburg make it the perfect time to augment outdoor lighting around your firepit or fireplace. Make family gatherings in the fresh air a memorable experience with outdoor lighting that gives all the key areas in your backyard increased usability. If you love to cook at your grill, let’s add task lighting that makes it a lot easier to see so every burger and steak comes out perfectly cooked. If you are fond of your hot tub, let us safely guide you to your spa with outdoor path lighting that makes it easy to enjoy amenities such as your pool.

Oldsmar decorative path and landscape lighting

Make your patio or deck come alive in the evening light with overhead festival string lighting that creates a party vibe in the darkness. Large stretches of your property can be illuminated inexpensively with café-style lighting that lights large swaths of your yard. It makes it easy to dine, play games and simply hang out with a cup of coffee.

Clearwater covered pool lighting

A heated pool can benefit from water feature lighting so that you can clearly see to use it all year round. Why let your lanai and pool deck go dormant in the cooler months? Stunning outdoor lighting can enhance the use of these outdoor areas so you can benefit from them on any night of the year. Proper outdoor lighting ensures that every aspect of your property gets full use EVERY evening.

Home Prices are Up! Increase the Value of Your Home with Updated Outdoor Lighting

If your outdoor lighting looks like it could use an update, let Outdoor Lighting of Clearwater & Tampa Bay show you how it’s possible to do it on a reasonable budget. Perhaps you have dark areas in your landscape that need some additional fixtures for additional visibility—we can help you extend your current system and add on a few more outdoor lighting fixtures with ease. We can put in a brand new outdoor lighting system, or we can tweak what you already have in place.

Oldsmar custom outdoor lighting

Can your home use a curb appeal boost in 2021? Outdoor lighting that plays up the features of your roofline and home’s architecture makes you a standout on the block, and it adds instant real estate value. Inexpensive outdoor lighting is the cheapest way to increase the perceived worth of your residence in comparison to your neighbors who are sitting in the dark. Fabulous outdoor lighting makes your home look more luxurious and increases the value of your property.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay is your St. Petersburg custom outdoor LED lighting specialist in 2021 and beyond. Contact us to arrange a free design consultation.