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Let Outdoor Lighting Bring Celebration to Your Tampa Bay Super Bowl Open-air Party! Go Buccaneers!

On Sunday, February 7th, Tampa will host the 55th Super Bowl, and we are hoping for a home-town win on behalf of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay can’t be more excited for the Buccaneers and all the football fans in our great state of Florida.

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Owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay, Robert van der Putten shows his team spirit!

Great Outdoor Lighting Enhances Super Bowl Game Day Activities

We are big fans of football, and we know that everyone will be watching the Super Bowl at home with family and friends. Get your home ready for game day with outdoor lighting that will highlight the pre-game activity areas of your property like your deck, lanai and patio. We can jazz up your outdoor living areas so that you can enjoy the game on your outdoor TV screen areas with plenty of landscape area lighting that makes it safe to par-TAY!

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For drama, we can customize with RGB lighting controls so that you can alter your outdoor lighting to feature your favorite team colors for extra fun. You can alter your LED outdoor lighting color to virtually any hue for any special event, holiday or just because you’d like something different. Let the whole neighborhood see your team colors!

Grill and BBQ with Ease with Outdoor Task Lighting that Adds Visibility for Open-air Cooking

If you are planning to grill wings and burgers on game day, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay can give your outdoor kitchen, grill station and food prep areas added task lighting so you can clearly see everything you are doing to cook everything correctly. Don’t risk serving undercooked food simply because you can’t see. Task lighting is inexpensive, practical and so helpful when it comes to outdoor cooking. No one wants to hold up a flashlight when they are grilling outdoors!

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Safely Enjoy the Super Bowl with Family in Your Own Backyard with Outdoor Lighting that Makes Getting Around a Breeze

There is no need to sit indoors on Super Bowl Sunday when you’ve got lots of space al fresco. Hang out outside thanks to patio and deck outdoor lighting that makes it easy to walk around and jump out of your seat to cheer on a fantastic play. Your family stays safe social distancing and enjoying the game outdoors.

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Play up the party sprit with exciting festival lighting that makes any outdoor area look like a celebration. This fun string LED string lighting swags above large swaths of your property to gently illuminate bigger areas without a high cost. It gives you ample light to dine, hang out and watch a game on any night. Give visitors plenty of visibility with pathway lighting that gets them from your driveway to your front door and backyard safely. Reduce a slip or fall thanks to outdoor lighting in your garden beds, walkways and steps that provides sure footing.

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Let’s get your backyard outdoor ready for the Super Bowl with key outdoor lighting updates that will refresh your exterior living areas. Go Buccaneers!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay is your St. Petersburg custom outdoor LED lighting specialist.Contact us to arrange a free design consultation before the big game day.