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Our Commitment To Lighting Local Community Areas Shines Through!

Memorial Park SculptureWe are honored to be working on illuminating various features of Veterans Memorial Park in Oldsmar at the moment, and we are excited to help the community and tourists visit day or night at this pretty locale. We are so lucky in the Clearwater and Tampa Bay zip codes to have incredible entertainment and gathering spots with our local parks, ballfields, tennis courts, and golf courses. With temperatures cooler in the evenings, lighting these fun zones for continued enjoyment after sundown certainly makes sense.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay doesn’t only help cast light into residential gardens and homes; we are also experts at lighting commercial and community outdoor features, too. We have been hired to make sure that folks can safely navigate large outdoor areas, as well as show off their spectacular features in the late evening.


Memorial Park Monuments
Monument Lights
— Day images showing recent lighting installation at Veterans Memorial Park in Oldsmar.

We’ve worked on retail venues, restaurants, parks and many outdoor venues in the St. Pete, Clearwater and Tampa Bay area so that local residents can enjoy them at night. We’ve teamed with municipalities in the area to be their full-service partner for lighting plan design, fixture selection, installation and maintenance on community lighting projects. Our services handle everything, including the overall design and planning, the installation, and the maintenance. We work within every budget to create the most affordable way to keep your outdoor community spaces shining for years.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay can illuminate small areas or large swaths with the equal ease. Pedestrian sidewalks, playgrounds, pools, neighborhood HOA projects, sports fields, parking lots and so much more! We will assess your project and give you the best options for your budget. We add not only visibility but also safety and security thanks to strategically placed lighting. We enable people to have fun and congregate in big outdoor town areas, while protecting them from slips and falls. We throw light into the shadows so that the thieves keep away due to well-lit conditions.

Path Lighting

Let us show you how we can make your neighborhood, business, park or town center shine at night. Draw visitors well after the sun has gone down and continue to add value to your prized features. There is no reason to let darkness kill the mood and fun, especially since you can keep revenues flowing with just a little bit of custom outdoor lighting. Let us show you how!

Residential, hospitality and Commercial outdoor lighting is what we are all about at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay. We can assist you with your lighting plans. Call us today at (727) 513-3420 or email us at

Robert Van Der Putten of Outoor Lighting Perspectives