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Innovative Outdoor Lighting Solutions in St. Pete Beach

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater and Tampa Bay, we pride ourselves on innovative outdoor lighting ideas. Our most recent installation at St. Pete Beach is proof of this. These homeowners have an arched perimeter fence in the front of their home that lines the sidewalk leading to the beach. They wanted to renovate the lighting for this area to super-efficient , and long-living LED’s.

Outdoor lighting fixtures can be used in versatile ways

lighting fixture on fence

Our designers came up with the clever idea to use our deck lighting fixtures on the fence. This type of fixture would typically be used on deck stairs and posts, but we thought they would look pretty nifty attached to the fence line of this St. Pete Beach home – and the homeowners agree! This innovative idea allows the exterior of this lovely beach home to warmly welcome guests. Since the fixtures point downward, they don’t shine in the eyes of people on the sidewalk, and they do a great job of lighting the walkway so any beach bound passersby can easily see and stroll.

Outdoor lighting innovation and creativity

Most outdoor lighting companies wouldn’t even think of using deck lights in this capacity, but our clever designers know how to provide unique solutions for complex outdoor lighting situations. These deck lights are low profile, and are made of high-quality materials that can withstand salt air without corroding. The look is seamless and fits right into the fence in a completely unobtrusive way, yet it provides all the benefits of added safety and security. The beauty of using outdoor deck lighting fixtures in this way, is that they are actually quite budget friendly and won’t bust the bank. Add the extra bonus that they are low consumption LED’s, and the benefit to your wallet is obvious.

lighting fixture on fence

Everything Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater and Tampa Bay installs is high quality and commercial grade. All our fixtures will live up to the coastal conditions that Florida has. These deck lights will tolerate direct sunlight without fading or cracking, and they can endure the relentless humidity. You will get years of continued good looks and use with our fixtures.

lighting fixture on fence to illuminate sidewalk

We aim to make our customers happy; and our fantastic reviews and customer service awards prove that we stop at nothing to get our customers what they need.

Do you have a unique outdoor lighting dilemma that needs solving? Don’t hesitate to contact usso we can give your St. Petersburg, FL, home and landscape the regal treatment it deserves.