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Why Proactive Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Is So Important

There is a lot that goes into making the summer months an enjoyable time at your house. Just thinking about the list of things to clean, restock and buy can be overwhelming, and the costs of great outdoor entertaining can be daunting.

Yet, you do not have a care in the world about one thing: the health of your outdoor lighting. Our annual proactive outdoor lighting maintenance plan is a super savings investment for your Clearwater, Tampa Bay or St. Petersburg outdoor lighting system. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay provides one year of free maintenance on all new installations. This plan covers any and all fixture adjustments and positioning of fixtures, bulb switches and/or replacements as well as timer inspections and resets. As our competitors may offer limited options for their products, we believe our customers deserve much more.

outdoor lighting fixture

Our commitment to our excellence has been a staple of our quality relationship with our community. We have set the industry's highest service standard possible in outdoor lighting maintenance. We can make sure your system is performing at optimal level and the benefits are not only cosmetic, our attention to detail means complete safety for your family and guests.

OLP workers installing lighting fixtures

Simply put, our team takes this both seriously and personally. Here is just one example:


Not long ago, our office received a call from a valued customer whose landscaper had come out to mulch his garden beds. What seemed like a routine sprucing up visit became a potentially dangerous situation as the landscaper mistakenly covered one of the halogen lights.

installing outdoor lighting fixture

This led to the light warming up and smoldering the mulch covering. Thankfully the fire department was there in time to prevent serious damage, injury or worse. With our maintenance plan, we clip back any overgrown shrubbery pull back mulch or pine needles which may be blocking your fixtures.

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Yes, accidents can and do happen.

outdoor lighting fixture

We are always ready to clean soiled lenses, replace damaged covers, spent bulbs and reposition the equipment to provide the best mood and movement.

outdoor lighting fixture

Every now and then, our Clearwater outdoor lighting team has encountered instances where the dog has been digging or even the kids may have accidentally exposed the wires of a lighting system.

We quickly eliminate these associated worries and dangers by:

  • Repairing any damaged wires
  • Reburying any wires that have become exposed
  • Checking transformers, connections and voltage levels


Clearwater,Tampa Bay and St.Petersburg area homeowners know all too well how a backyard brunch or a poolside party can be ruined by one or up to the area's 10 species of ants, especially fire ants

Our team has seen a myriad of issues from lack of maintenance, including animals nesting in the transformer boxes and stinging insect nests.

Mother Nature can encroach into areas where she is not always welcomed, and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is more than prepared when she does. And, as you will want the beauty, comfort and safety of your outdoor living space to last, we have extended warranty coverage for your installation as well.

Schedule an outdoor lighting maintenance checkup today to ensure your lighting encompasses all the benefits you deserve!