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Say Hello To Daylight Saving Time, And Goodbye To Ever Having To Adjust Your Outdoor Lighting Timers Again

It’s that time of the year, yet again. And boy, oh boy, are we more than ready for it.

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Longer hours of outdoor fun, backyard barbecues, time at the beach, and backyard leisure and relaxation will be here before you know it.

Stay Outdoors As Long As You Like As We’ll Turn The Lights On For You

Every day, we seem to be exposed to innovations in technology to make our lives easier and more pleasant. So naturally, when it comes to your outdoor lighting and landscape lighting systems, the same is thankfully true.

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Luckily for homeowners in Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Petersburg, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has you covered with three options.

The Digital Outdoor Lighting Timer

Our digital timers are very simple to configure. They can be placed within or near your outdoor lighting transformer, and you will be able to set the “on” and “off” times very easily. It is backed up with a battery system to ensure that during a power outage your settings don’t get wiped out.

The Photocell Outdoor Lighting Timer

The standard photocell timer is great if you’re the type of homeowner that never wants to have to program anything. These timers automatically adjust based on the amount of light they detect. On the downside, due to this functionality, a strong storm or darker than usual days could cause your outdoor lighting system to power-on prematurely.

Our Lighting Control Automation Timer, The Best Of The Rest

Our premiere outdoor lighting and landscape lighting timer technology is referred to as LCA – short for Lighting Control Automation.

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Consistently proven to be your best option for dependability, performance, and ease of use, our LCA outdoor light timers are terrific.

This proprietary automatic timing solution is an effortless transition to Daylight Saving Time and seasonal changes in daylight.

Our Landscape Lighting Automation timers are super smart, as they are able to automatically change themselves to accommodate the arrival and departure of DST. Best of all, they are easy to use, and you set them once and can practically forget about them.

Once It’s Installed And Set, You’re Good To Go, For Good

Our Lighting Control Automation timers use Global Positioning System technology – more commonly referred to as GPS – to turn your outdoor lighting system on and off as best fits Mother Nature.

When you think of it, it’s rather a brilliant concept. GPS via satellite instantly pinpoints where your home is so it knows what hours it needs to turn your outdoor illumination system on with zero programming on your part.

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Imagine -- just tell it where you live and you’re done. No guesswork. No fumbling with levers and dials. And no frustration. Our LCA timers have all the convenient automatic features of an astronomical timer, but it’s the next level up in terms of being able to also control your indoor lighting, too.

Think Of Our Automatic Timing System As Your Personal Technology Butler

Our engineering team believes that more is better as a concept, so they spent the time to figure out how to achieve more flexibility to make your life easier – on certain levels.

For example, with our Lighting Control Automation, you can regulate and program your appliances, HVAC system, and even your Smart TV, all through your computer, laptop or mobile phone.

A great value-added feature of this is that you can set things to turn on and off at various times so it always appears that someone is home. It’s the perfect solution for vacation homes, as it can easily be programmed to give your property the appearance of someone always being home.

Having lights indoors and outside turning on at random times makes your home seem lived in and gives you that extra layer of security. Best of all, you don’t even have to be home to control any of these features that our LCA timers offer.

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March 12 Will Be Here Before You Know It, So Contact Us Now To Upgrade To Landscape Lighting Convenience And Security

We’re easy to talk to and even easier to connect with, and look forward to solving your outdoor lighting timing needs.

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Robert van der Putten, owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay.

Robert van der Putten, owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay.