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Outdoor Lighting Is More Than Our Name, It Personifies Everything We Do

Everyday life has an uncanny way of throwing things at you unexpectedly at times, and when it has to do with a problem in your backyard or landscape that is beyond your grasp, it’s usually best to contact a professional who has a great reputation.

Tampa Bay Professional Outdoor Lighting

When that outdoor problem has something to do with your outdoor lighting and landscape lighting system and fixtures, there are only three words and one name you need to remember – Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

This April First And Every Other Day, Don’t Be Fooled By Inferior Outdoor Lighting Maintenance And Service

Recently a call came into our office where the homeowner said,“What is going on – I can’t even see my outdoor lighting lens cover – there is an ant nest and ants are crawling all over the place. Can you please help me?”

You betcha.

Like many of us who live or vacation here in Florida, ants love the warmth of our Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Petersburg climate. And even more so, ants are attracted to the warmth of outdoor lighting, as well.

Ants nesting in light

Ants are drawn to heat and thrive on building their mounds around outdoor lights within your landscape. When ants can find a way to get into an outdoor light fixture, even if it has a lens cover on it, they will.

Fire ants, in particular, will crawl up inside an outdoor lighting fixture with nesting materials such as mud and dirt. Sometimes they will make their nest on top of and even inside the landscape lighting fixture, blocking the broadcast of light and possibly destroying it.

Our outdoor lighting service and maintenance experts can remedy the situation for you, and we can take important steps to reduce further problems such as this.

Curious Pets And Bothersome Squirrels Can Expose Your Outdoor Lighting Wiring And Create A Big Problem

Should you notice exposed wires coming from your outdoor lighting system, don’t try to mask the problem by covering them up. Call us instead to rectify the problem and ensure that the wiring has not been compromised. If it has, we will repair the damage and replace it with new wiring. If it has not been compromised, we’ll take good care to bury it deep enough so it doesn’t easily happen again.

exposed wiring

Well Lights Need Ample Room To “Breathe” And Function Best In The Open Air

To help your landscape retain critical moisture for growth and to help keep it looking beautiful and well maintained, mulch and pine straw can be a blessing and a curse at the same time.

halogen light hidden under mulch

Inadvertently covering your landscape lighting and outdoor lighting fixtures with mulch, garden debris, and overgrown plant material can be a fire hazard. Recently, the Fire Department had to be called to extinguish a landscape fire that quickly spread to an entire border.

fire ants

Be sure that your well lights have plenty of unencumbered open air on top of them and adjacent to them so fire hazards can be prevented. Should one occur, call us pronto so we can diagnose any damage and make the necessary repairs, giving you guidance on how to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

Don’t Let Your Well Lights Become Invaded By Plant Material

If your landscape is growing so aggressively that your well lights are starting to look like a terrarium, call us – fast.

Another potential fire hazard, plant material inside your well light lens covers will diminish your originally designed illumination effects and potentially cause your system serious harm.

plant overgrowth

Our team of experts are on call to come to your aid should this occur.

Broken And Shattered Lens Covers Need To Be Replaced Quickly To Avoid System Damage

As many of us appreciate the convenience of hiring a lawn and landscape company to keep our turf and surrounding landscape looking beautiful and well cared for, sometimes stuff happens – like a weed whacker or lawn edger nicking one of your outdoor lights.

weed eater damage

Should that happen, don’t ignore it or risk trying to repair the problem yourself. Call us instead. Even better, connect with us right here for prompt attention.

Robert van der Putten, owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay.

Robert van der Putten, owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay.