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Clearwater, Tampa Bay, and St. Petersburg Dock Lighting Ideas

Having the good fortune of convenient access to the soothing waters surrounding us here in the Clearwater, Tampa Bay, and St. Petersburg area, enhanced by warmer weather even this time of year, many residents especially enjoy sailing and motoring our pristine waterways.

Outdoor Dock Lighting

While we wait for Daylight Saving Time to start on March 12, 2023, there is no need to cut our boating time short now that custom illumination is readily available for seafarers and land lovers alike.

Residential Dock Lighting Perfection

As beautiful as our grounds and adjacent landscapes are here in Florida, there is something quite magical when the day melts into dusk and the cerulean blue sky appears. To augment that wonderful sight, and to ensure that it is easier to see more safely as the evening grows darker until sunrise, our COLT-Certified dock lighting designers know how to customize an illumination plan that is tailormade to your evening dockside needs.

Dock Lighting

Dock Lighting Ideas Abound

Whatever waterside activities you enjoy most, our dock lighting ideas ensure that you will be able to see well enough to do it safely, with well-positioned beams of soft illumination. Whether you are night fishing, pulling your boat in from a pleasure ride, swimming, or simply sharing quality time with family and friends, proper and ample lighting ensures you can safely navigate your dock clearly. You can easily get in and out of your boat with solid footing thanks to excellent visibility, and see everyone that is in or near the water, too.

Dock Lighting Tampa Bay

To that end, we frequently line dock railings with a series of path lights so everyone can clearly see it from a distance whether they are on land or in the water. Whatever the personal want or need for waterside nighttime visibility, our creative dock lighting solutions are sure to please even the most discriminating water lovers.

Outdoor Dock Lighting You Can Always Count On

Most notably, our dock lighting fixtures are made for our sometimes challenging Florida weather such as intense sun, heat, and salty air. Thanks to their all-metal, commercial quality construction that won’t rust, fade or peel over time, this outdoor dock lighting is today – and will always be – a sure thing. Our proprietary outdoor dock lighting fixtures are made in the United States specifically for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay, and precisely to our highest standards of performance and durability so we can ensure they last for years to come.

Blue Dock Lighting

Boat Dock Lighting Ideas for Enhanced Nighttime Vision

When you’re outdoors on your boat for the evening, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is whether or not your boat dock will have sufficient light at night.

dock lighting clearwater

That is why we pride ourselves on boat dock lighting that perfectly illuminates the area each and every night, regardless of whether the space is being utilized or not.

Even better, it turns out that this dependable performance is very affordable compared to standard line voltage. We use highly efficient low-voltage boat dock lighting to illuminate the piers, boat dock foundation and surrounding waters.

clearwater dock lighting

For those wishing to showcase their nautical pride and joy, we can even illuminate your boat while it is docked with myriad stunning illumination effects, highlights and luminescent accents. With our creative blend of copper and brass path lights, spotlighting techniques, down lighting beams, moonlighting and wall washing illumination effects, we gratefully receive rave reviews from our Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Petersburg clients.

Lighting For Docks That Is Earth Friendly

As you would expect, excellent nighttime illumination is critically important for dock safety. Lighting for decks is something that we take very seriously.

dock lighting at Tierra Verde Beach

Most notably are the efficient post lights for docks that we often integrate into the design plan to enable better surefooted traction on the dock while improving visibility at every turn. Here you can clearly see that our lighting for decks transcends functionality as it literally becomes an artform. A winner of our brand’s Best In Glow Design Award, the view from the shoreline is a value-added surprise for all to enjoy and see as it extends into the waterway.

Marine Dock Lighting Is Just One Of Our Special Talents

Just as The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission mandates that navigation lights be used on recreational vessels between sunset and sunrise and during periods of reduced visibility, it makes extra good sense that marine dock lighting be added to that safety protocol.

dock lighting on posts st. pete beach

The benefits of marine dock lighting are many, but here are the most significant ones based on our years of designing and installing professional dock lighting.

1. Safety: One should never approach the water’s edge in darkness. It is just too risky and dangerous, for a variety of reasons. In addition to clearly being able to see both natural and unnatural obstacles that may interfere with your time there, marine dock lighting enables safe traction when using the dock after sunset.

2. Functionality: At night, waterside fun takes on a whole new dimension. For example, nighttime fishing is a magnificent experience in the evening surrounded by gentle breezes off the shoreline. Outdoor marine dock lighting adds to the enjoyment of those experiences while providing critical safety and ease of the sport. Especially for water travel, marine dock lighting is critical to guide and facilitate departures and arrivals for evening boating excursions. In fact, marine dock lighting adds clear vision to augment any evening waterside need.

3. Visibility: So crucially important at night, all the key elements of the marine dock structure and surroundings should be easily visible each evening, and our energy-efficient low voltage lighting is just the ticket.

Dock Lighting Lutz Florida

Enjoy Water Fun – Just Make Sure You Can Clearly View Everything You Need To See

For more insights on Clearwater, Tampa Bay, and St. Petersburg dock lighting ideas, we encourage you to connect with us. By phone, dial 727-513-3420. And to make it even easier now that you here online, just click this link to schedule a complimentary dock lighting design consultation.

Robert van der Putten, owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater &  Tampa Bay.

Robert van der Putten, owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay.