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Save Time (and Energy) with an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay Outdoor Lighting Timer!

March 10 is the date to mark when we change our clocks forward one-hour thanks to Daylight Savings Time (DST). We anticipate the days getting longer as spring weather approaches and many of us will be out in our outdoor gardens more time as daylight hours expand.

Outdoor Living Space Lighting

Changing your car, kitchen and bedside clock is one of the many tasks we do to prepare for this time change, but your landscape lighting timer is another clock that also needs to be altered as well. As the days get longer, you don’t want your outdoor landscape fixtures to go on too early and waste energy unnecessarily.

Lots of homeowners fumble through remembering how to re-program their outdoor landscape lighting timers, trying to find the manual, and figuring out how to turn the dials or push the dizzying array of buttons in what seems like a confusing task. This is where Outdoor Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay comes to your rescue so you don’t have to fret about a thing when Daylight Savings Time arrives in a few weeks.

We can help you with a new or existing landscape timer and make sure that your system goes on and off at the correct times without any aggravation to you. It all depends on what type of timer you own, but we can help get everything working at the correct time if it was installed by us or even a competitor. We service ANY outdoor lighting system in our service area.

Just don’t have the time (or patience) for those clunky, cumbersome outdoor lighting timers anymore?

Lighting TimerIf you would like to update your older timer that is dependent on you manually adjusting it as daylight shifts over the months—we can help you by installing a Lighting Control Automation (LCA) timer that requires no thinking on your part ever again when it comes to time changes. These smart timers robotically adapt daily on their own to account for time and light variations based on your geo-location. Just punch in where you live and our LCA timer does all the rest of the work and never needs to be touched again. Your outdoor lighting will go on and off exactly when it needs to based on available light so you and your family aren’t stumbling in the dark. It doesn’t get any more hassle-free than this!

So, if you have an older model outdoor lighting timer that requires you to manually change it to accommodate light changes we can easily upgrade this to a photocell or digital timer, or to an LCA timer!

Our digital timers are very simple to configure. These timers can be placed within or near your outdoor lighting transformer, and you will be able to set the on and off times very easily. It is backed up with a battery system to ensure that during a power outage your settings don’t get wiped out.

Outdoor House Lighting

Our standard photocell timer is great if you’re the type that never wants to have to program anything. These timers automatically adjust based on the amount of light they detect. However, due to this feature, a strong storm or darker than usual day could cause your outdoor lighting system to power on prematurely.

Like many other home automation devices out on the market today, your LCA timer can be controlled from anywhere. If you’ve got a second home, rental properties or a business, you can control your outdoor landscape lighting easily without having to be there. The bonus is that this makes these properties look lived in or active even when you aren’t there. This increases safety and security even if you aren’t on the premises. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay is more than happy to help you with a timer solution that fits your budget and we can make sure Daylight Savings time is stress-free!

Need your timer re-programmed to accommodate Daylight Savings Time or want a Lighting Control Automation timer installed? Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay today to discuss your available options.