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Let There Be Light, Each And Every Night, Now That Spring Fever Is Finally Here

Let’s face it. We’ve all been chomping on the bit to get back to living well outdoors. And Spring is undoubtedly the best time to do that here in the Southeast. The days are milder, and so are the nights!

make the most out of the season with clearwater outdoor lighting

And speaking of living well, make sure you surround your home, landscape, garden, dock, patio, and outdoor living areas with the best and most dependable light available anywhere.

Clearwater, Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg-area homes have been trusting us with their affordable and eco-friendly low voltage outdoor lighting systems for years. And with good reason.

Our Outdoor Lighting Professionals Are The Best There Are – Anywhere

To have the most loyal and satisfied clients, you need to have a COLT-certified team of outdoor lighting designers and installers who possess many skills and capabilities.

robert van der putten with homeowner featured on designing spaces

Owner, Robert van der Putten, discussing the joys of outdoor living with client whose lighting was featured on Designing Spaces.

Our Clearwater and Tampa Bay outdoor lighting team is just that. In fact, they are outstanding. The accolades, thanks, and good words our clients share with us in our online reviews reinforce that we’re doing something right.

Professional Outdoor Lighting And Outdoor Living Space Lighting Customized To Meet Your Wants And Needs

One of the great things about our personally-tailored deck and patio lighting, just like our landscape lighting, is what we bring to the party, in a manner of speaking.

custom deck and patio lighting

Once we have the pleasure of meeting you and chat about how you live outdoors, we can come up with a unique outdoor lighting design plan that will beautify your home and property, but it will also make it more functional.

After all, when your outdoors after dark, you need the right amount of light, and the correct kind of light, to support and augment your lifestyle.

Take, for instance, your backyard patio. If you’re currently just enjoying the glow of night from the embers coming from your fire features, just wait until you witness a whole new sensory experience with our fire pit lighting. It’s simply stunning.

coastal deck and patio lighting

While the nighttime flames dance and flicker, our delicate washes of energy-efficient lighting will clearly define the entertaining and relaxing area in amazing style. And beautifully illuminated lanais are truly works of art with our wide selection of proprietary copper and brass fixtures.

Nighttime Pool Safety Starts With The Right Light

For those who entertain evenings with pool parties – or just for those nightly swims before bedtime – lighting is everything.

outdoor pool lighting

Many an accident has been prevented thanks to our pool surround lighting. Always emanating the soft glow of illumination – and never harsh or glaring – our custom pool solutions are a necessity here in Florida.

clearwater festival lighting over pool

And for adjacent areas that call for task lighting – or festive lighting to add that something special to alfresco dinner parties or family reunions – our bistro lighting sets the stage for great times, guaranteed.

Home Improvements Look Better With Exquisite Outdoor Lighting

The joys of Spring are plentiful and unique to each of us.

professional palm tree outdoor lighting in st petersburg fl

For some, it’s getting back outside to play in the dirt planting new shrubs, trees, and flowers while improving their landscapes.

For others, its finally adding those long-awaited outdoor living areas – pools, patios, docks, decks – you name it.

custom lakeside outdoor lighting designs lutz fl

When the work is done, be sure you can linger longer outdoors and take it all in. Outdoor lighting turns the night into the favorite part of the day for many Floridians, whether they be fulltime residents or snowbirds.

Our Ode To Spring Joy Starts With Hearing From You

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater and Tampa Bay delivers professional results every time! Our experience, professionalism and design expertise provide solutions to fit your home and property’s specific needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Robert van der Putten, owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay.