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Decorative Outdoor Lighting Adds Artistry & Beauty

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay believes that outdoor lighting can offer far more than just night time illumination. Sure, we are going to make sure it is easy to traverse around your property with terrific pathway lighting and landscape lighting that provides plenty of visibility. We are going to provide you with deck and patio lighting that makes these spaces usable for grilling, dining and hanging out until the wee hours. Sometimes, outdoor lighting needs to play a far more artistic role with decorative sculptural grandness.

Not All Outdoor Lighting Fixtures are meant to be Hidden

Fantastic outdoor lighting provides the opportunity to showcase the sculptural artistry that evening light can present. Our designers regularly work hard to discreetly hide outdoor lighting fixtures so the effect is what can be seen instead of a fixture. However, in some cases, our fixtures are so incredibly beautiful on their own that they beg to be seen—even during the day!

landscape lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay offers an array of decorative outdoor lighting that provides a specific effect. Hidden up lighting is often installed on the ground for showcasing; and strategic down lighting can be concealed high up in a tree to provide a dappled moonlit effect on your lawn. Then we have stunning sculptural fixtures that have a presence all their own and look like artwork in the landscape.

When Light Meets a Sculptural Outdoor Lighting Fixture—Magic Happens!

Incredible shadows can be cast from many of our architectural decorative outdoor lighting fixtures that deserve to be a centerpiece and showcased. Gorgeous designs tower in your garden like their very own piece of art and draw the eye with their interesting sculptural appeal.

landscape lighting

Even just one of our decorative fixtures is enough to draw eyes deep into a dark area of your garden with an impressive glow that is one-of-a-kind. If your garden lacks a focal point, a sculptural outdoor lighting fixture can take on the feel of an art piece in the garden. You get a stunning, glowing presence at night that continues to attract ooh’s and ahh’s during the daytime.

All of our decorative sculptural light fixtures have LED bulbs, so they are perfect as path lights, driveway lights, bollards, area lights, and even garden sculptures in their own right. Cost saving LED’s provide excellent brightness, and are easy on the wallet in terms of consumption. Our sculptural fixtures don’t only shed good light; they have the added value of showcasing ornamental shadow patterns on nearby surfaces and walls. It ramps up the wow factor at night big time!

When Water Meets Light—Magic Happens!

landscape lighting

Our lighting designers and installers are specially trained in focal point outdoor lighting. Water features such as fountains, ponds and waterfalls can bring a fairy-tale feel to any backyard that only good lighting can enhance. Why let an interesting ornamental feature sit in darkness when the play of water and light can elicit a stunning response from guests? Let the interplay of water and the glow of light achieve a spectacular showy element in your garden that is a memorable stand out.

Check out our designer decorative sculptural lighting fixtures! Contact us today so we can give your Clearwater. Tampa Bay or St. Petersburg property an artistic touch through lighting.