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Daytime Maintenance is the Best Way to Ensure Optimum Evening Outdoor Illumination Magic and Performance

If you suffered unwelcomed outdoor guests this past winter, they may have created a hazard within your outdoor lighting system. Several forms of natural wildlife like to make Clearwater and Tampa Bay home during the colder months of the year. And in doing so, they often compromise your outdoor lighting system lessening the trajectory that our outdoor lighting fixtures cast in evening illumination.

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Take the American Robin for example, who decided to make herself at home within the beautiful vegetation surrounding your outdoor lighting system. She very possibly obstructed your outdoor lighting effects which we so carefully designed for your home as she readied nesting material for her growing family – scattering grasses and landscape debris all over the place.

Yes, Mother Nature’s “children” can create havoc within your outdoor lighting system, even creating fire hazards. Recently one of your neighbors contacted Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay to report that their landscape lighting system was smoking.

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Removal of overgrowth on lens cover.

During our multi point system checkup, our outdoor lighting certified technicians discovered that landscape garden mulch had become encapsulated and smoldered causing the light itself to smoke. As low voltage outdoor lighting is an electrical element, it is imperative that the exposure lamps that illuminate are kept free and clear of all debris – especially mulch and leaves.

Coastal Conditions Mean Proactive Maintenance

Our ever-changing Florida weather conditions, seasonal storms and regular lawn and landscape service can cause alterations in the organic material used within your landscape (such as hardwood mulch and pine needles), which can cause issues when this debris virtually suffocates your low voltage LED fixtures and lamps.

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Exposed wires.

Other hazards and problem areas to be mindful of include exposed wires that lawn mowing and weed whacking may have inadvertently caused. With our regularly scheduled outdoor lighting maintenance, we can diagnose and remedy those dangerous problem situations to make sure your system works as well as the day we installed it.

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Damaged fixture from repeated hits from hedge trimmer during lawn maintenance.

Our family of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives clients know the true value of our annual outdoor lighting maintenance. Our Annual Maintenance Plan covers:

  • Fixtures—Review the position of fixtures and straighten them, as needed.
  • Bulbs—Replace bulbs that need to be switched out.
  • Timers—Check and reset timers.
  • Wires—Repair any damaged wires and rebury any that have become exposed.
  • Connections—Check transformers, connections, and voltage levels.
  • Landscaping—Trim landscaping that is obstructing light.
  • Warranty—Extend the warranty coverage of your installation.
  • Priority Service—Provide priority response and repairs at no charge.

And the good news is you need not be an established client of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay to take advantage of our meticulous outdoor lighting system care and maintenance. We proudly service and repair any and all outdoor lighting systems, and can even add on to the system you currently have as your illumination needs evolve and grow over time.

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Large or Small We Do It All!

From minor adjustments to larger scale problem solving, our certified low voltage lighting installation and repair teams have seen a myriad of issues from lack of maintenance, including animals nesting in the transformer boxes and stinging insect nests in electrical fixtures.

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As Mother Nature can encroach into areas where she is not always welcome, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is always more than prepared when she does. And, as you will want the beauty, comfort and safety of your outdoor living space to last, we also offer Extended Warranty Coverage. Be sure to ask about it.

Schedule an outdoor lighting maintenance checkup today to ensure your lighting encompasses all the benefits you deserve! Just call Robert van der Putten at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay or connect with him online right here.