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Spring Evenings Are Better With Custom Outdoor Lighting Designs

There is much to look forward to as the weather begins to warm up and as we head into spring. While we’re able to enjoy relatively mild weather year around in the Tampa Bay area, it’s nice that the evenings provide temperatures warm enough to watch the sun go down on the back patio.

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Enhance Your Outdoor Living Spaces with Outdoor Lighting

With the help of the professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay, you can create the perfect ambiance for evening enjoyment. Designs that allow you to watch the sun drop behind the horizon to a quiet nighttime sanctuary with strategic backyard outdoor lighting.

Ideal Deck and Patio Outdoor Lighting

Whether you’re barbecuing or grilling with neighbors or want to enjoy a quiet night with a book, your deck or patio is an excellent place to spend a spring evening. Set the mood with deck and patio outdoor lighting. With the help of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you can choose the type of lighting as well as your preferred source.

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Choose from festive overhead string lighting, have lights installed into the concrete, or even light the way with lights on retaining walls, eaves or planters. Romantic string lights help to provide a festive mood year-round while covering the living space with nuances of light.

outdoor lighting Clearwater

Our team offers core drilling services where we install lighting directly into your patio for a seamless outdoor lighting design. These lights will go entirely unnoticed during daytime hours and provide beautiful accent lighting at night.

outdoor lighting Clearwater

Create a luminescent border around your outdoor living spaces with landscape lighting installed around your patio or deck. You can easily backlight your sitting area with a warm glow rather than overpowering and blinding lights.

Irresistible Pool Lighting

Make it easier to take a nighttime dip or set your pool as the centerpiece for your yard with pool and water feature lighting. Set the mood while creating a safer space by illuminating the surround of your pool or pool deck. Our custom lighting designs add the perfect complement to tie your pool in with the rest of your yard.

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Versatile Backyard Outdoor Lighting

There’s no reason you should feel like you’re staring out into a black void when sitting in your backyard. Expand your living space beyond the patio and eliminate the abyss with backyard outdoor lighting. Use up lighting to highlight and feature trees that are spread around the border of your yard, light pathways through you landscape, or light up your garden sculptures or fountain at night to draw attention to its magnificence.

outdoor lighting Clearwater

If you really like to define the outer edge of your backyard, we can outline your fence line with lighting that projects against the pickets or down to the grass or landscaping. With custom outdoor lighting designs spread across your backyard, you can easily create a larger living space that feels inviting beyond your deck or patio.

Get Outdoor Lighting for Outdoor Living

Create your idyllic space through custom outdoor lighting. Our experts will design and install the perfect arrangement for your outdoor living areas. Contact us to capture countless memories outdoor with family and friends this season.