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Light Up The Wedding Today; And Light Up Your Life For All Your Tomorrows

Congratulations! We just heard the news!

It’s so wonderful that your child has decided on a date this winter and will soon be getting married. The even better news is that you’re hosting the momentous event at your beautiful home.

outdoor lighting for estate homes

What better time could there possibly be to light up that special evening — and your life — with the stunning warm glow of energy-smart outdoor lighting from the ultimate lighting experience – Outdoor Lighting Perspectives ?

Here Comes The Bride, All Dressed In Light, With Our Wedding Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting for outdoor weddings is tantamount to what candlelight used to be for inside weddings. Thanks to our stunning handcrafted outdoor lights, there is no need to worry about candle flames being extinguished due to the coastal breezes that grace the evening.

backyard wedding lighting

Backyard Wedding Custom Lighting Sets The Mood For A Memorable Celebration That Your Guests Will Talk About For Years

The romance of the warm glow of illumination from our handsome copper and brass outdoor lighting fixtures will surround the happy couple today and as they dream at night about their tomorrows to come.

hardscape and patio outdoor lighting

The walk down the aisle can be made even more wonderful as the happy couple easily sees each and every guest in attendance, thanks to LED light bulbs that are suspended from the backyard arbor and trellis as they walked up the greenspace aisle.

Outdoor Lighting For Special Backyard Events Is More Than Just Weddings

Our exquisite, custom outdoor and landscape lighting will be the centerpiece on that most special day, but trust us that it will have a rich, and beautiful afterlife.

Outdoor Lighting For Special Backyard Events

After the wedding cake and champagne is a wonderful memory, and the sounds of dance music have faded away, the nights that follow will be just as magical and memorable with our professional landscape and decorative outdoor lighting.

Custom Outdoor Lighting With You In Mind For Years To Come

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay offers many types of outdoor lighting designs. From landscape lighting and architectural lighting for adding curb appeal and increasing safety and security at your home, to illuminating your outdoor living spaces to maximize enjoyment.

pool and landscape lighting

As the area’s premiere outdoor lighting provider, we can customize an outdoor lighting design just for you that brings your property to life including the use of decorative outdoor lighting.

Decorative Outdoor Lighting Adds Artistry & Beauty

The philosophy behind most of our custom outdoor lighting designs is the core idea of focusing on the effect, not the fixture. However, there is certainly a time and place where it is appropriate to incorporate a fixture which has a strong, sculptural presence during the day, and a beautiful, glowing presence at night — enter the addition of Decorative Lighting!

Decorative Outdoor Lighting

These sculptural lights offer excellent LED lighting as path lights, driveway lights, bollards, area lights, or even garden sculptures. Unlike most landscape lights, they add beautiful artistic elements to your landscape during the day and into the evening.

Many of these fixtures cast decorative shadow patterns on the ground surface at night while at the same time providing top quality LED lighting!

Explore The Wonders Of The Night With Our Team At Your Home

During your complimentary outdoor lights design consultation, we will show you exactly what we mean. Focusing of the landscape and areas you wish to highlight after sunset, we will temporarily light up those spaces to show you the dazzling effects we’ve been talking about. To schedule our meeting, just click here; and let’s set a date.

Robert van der Putten, owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay.