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Tampa Architectural Outdoor Lighting Gives Offers Serenity, Beauty and Enhanced Safety

Soothing washes of white and golden rays of light surround you. A feeling of serenity and security envelopes you. And you’re right where you should be right now, outside your Tampa FL home.

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Thanks to the finest home façade lighting designer and installer in Clearwater and Tampa, Heaven on earth is now an achievable reality with stunning energy-efficient outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay continually creates exterior evening illuminations that are worthy of praise and admiration. And it’s more than lighting landscapes, pathways, docks, and gardens. It’s illuminating complete home exteriors to make beautiful residences shine as dusk rolls in.

Recently, we added handcrafted outdoor lighting fixtures and bulbs to both the first and second stories of this striking coastal home. The objective was all about beautification by highlighting the residence’s gorgeous architecture.

installation in progressinstaller

The bonus was the safety and security that the illumination design and installation allows. Surrounded by this sumptuous light, dark and scary spaces are not allowed in this illumination plan. And truly, that is what home façade lighting is all about. Beautification expertise. Curb appeal. Home value enhancement. Safety. And security.

Once installed, remember to schedule regular maintenance so that the glory of the original installation can live on forever, just like the day it was installed. It’s possible with outdoor lighting maintenance on a regular basis. For most of our Tampa FL lighting clients, once a year does the trick. That’s why we created our Annual Maintenance Plan, or AMP as we call it for short.

With a modest cost per outdoor lighting fixture, this leading architectural outdoor lighting professional with keep your system in tiptop shape, from the ground up.

Here’s a peek at how it works:

Fixtures. We will review the position of your outdoor lighting fixtures and straighten them, as needed, as slight shifts in positioning can detract from the original design plan.

lighting on house

Bulbs. We will replace any bulbs that need to be switched out, as occasionally a new bulb may be needed due to an unforeseen circumstance.

Timers. As our automatic timing systems are a blessing, we will check them and reset your timers.

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Wires. We will meticulously repair any damaged wires and rebury any that have become exposed due to landscape growth or movement.

Connections. As continual connectivity is key, we will check your outdoor lighting low voltage transformers, connections, and voltage levels.


Landscaping. Keeping true to our credo of providing you with the finest illumination and service, we will trim your landscaping when it is obstructing light.

Warranty. And as an additional beneficial bonus we will extend the warranty coverage of your installation, for additional peace of mind.

Priority Service. The bottom line? When you need us, we’ll be there. And that’s a promise. As an AMP client, you will be given priority response and repairs at no charge.

If you are ready to highlight the beauty of your home, adding illumination, dimension, and texture to your home façade, contact us today to get started!