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Top 5 Benefits of Professional Dock Lighting for Your Clearwater, Tampa or St. Petersburg Waterfront Home Give you Something to Sing About!

Otis Redding had it right. There is really nothing as calming, serene and beautiful as greeting the evening waves as they approach the shoreline of your waterfront residence.

tampa dock

The fluid, repetitious sounds of the overlapping waters are a melody to be cherished, after the sun has done its work for the day. But when you can actually see the dancing waters in the evening’s darkness, with shimmering glows of energy efficient light all around, then it’s truly a magical thing. And that’s just one of the reasons why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives does what it does, so wonderfully.

The benefits of dock lighting are many, but here are the top five based on our years of designing and installing professional dock lighting.

#1 SAFETY: first and foremost, one should never approach the water’s edge in darkness. It is simple too risky and dangerous, for a variety of reasons. In addition to clearly being able to see both natural and unnatural obstacles that may impede your time there, dock lighting enables safe traction when using the dock after sunset.

custom dock

#2 FUNCTIONALITY: Florida waterside fun is joyous and often a tad noisy, but at night, it takes on a whole new dimension. Nighttime fishing is a glorious experience in the evening breeze off the shoreline. Outdoor illumination adds to the enjoyment of the experience while providing critical safety and ease of the sport. And for water travel, dock lighting is imperative to guide and facilitate departures and arrivals for evening boating excursions. In fact, outdoor dock lighting adds clear vision to augment any evening waterside need.

dock lighting into water

#3 AMBIANCE: And for the romantics in all of us, it’s a pleasure beyond belief to drink in nature’s views accentuated with beautiful dock lighting. It frames evening views from all angles – exterior and interior – even second story windows. The bonus is adding depth and dimension to your entire landscape at night, truly a sight to behold.

#4 VISIBILITY: So critical at night, all the key elements of the dock structure and surroundings should be easily visible each evening.

dock lights

#5 ENJOYMENT: Last of the five – but clearly not the least – is FUN. Unbridled fun at all hours of the day is the key to lives well lived, and outdoor living tops the list, especially in Tampa.

See what you’ve been missing each and every evening with professional dock lighting from Florida’s finest – Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Contact us now to learn how we can add beauty, fun, and functionality to your waterfront evenings.