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Low Voltage And Line Voltage Outdoor Lighting – What You Need To Know About The Difference

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay wants you to know that it is critically important to understand the difference between low voltage outdoor lighting versus line voltage outdoor lighting.

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What voltage is low voltage landscape lighting?

Connected to a transformer or power pack that plugs into a regular household 120-volt outlet, our low voltage system then converts it to just twelve to eighteen volts.

The illumination bulbs in low voltage outdoor lighting use significantly lower voltage over line voltage. As such, our low voltage landscape lighting clients enjoy greater energy efficiency and lower pricing on the outdoor lighting fixtures used in the design plan along with lower bulb costs.

And unlike line voltage outdoor lighting installations that require deep trenches to be dug, low voltage wires are installed a mere few inches below the soil or landscape line. This installation protocol allows the easy addition of more fixtures over time if desired and makes adjusting them and moving them a breeze.

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With lower wattage bulbs, more fixtures can be used to illuminate a larger area with stunning effects. For example, seven to ten low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures use the same amount of energy as two or three 100-watt line voltage bulbs!

And should the time come when our clients want to convert their system to the latest LED outdoor lighting technology for even greater efficiency and longevity, upgrading or retrofitting low voltage systems is extremely easy. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater and Tampa Bay is fully licensed and certified and we stay up to date on the latest requirements and procedures for your long-term safety and peace of mind. And although licensing is no longer required in our area, because we insist on the finest quality and installation experience, we are licensed – of which we are extremely proud.

Low voltage vs line voltage Outdoor lighting

Much safer than line voltage outdoor lighting, our low voltage designs and installations have made us the premiere outdoor lighting source in Clearwater and Tampa Bay. That being said, when requested, we will design and install line voltage systems for heavyweight needs, such as large commercial buildings with more vast illumination needs than a residence or home landscape.

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And with existing line voltage systems that have been active for years, low voltage may be an excellent replacement option. Older line voltage fixtures severely corrode and become less efficient over time especially in our coastal climate. In instances such as this, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay can convert your line voltage system to low voltage using the existing infrastructure that is already in place – eliminating much of the typical installation work.

Act now to discover just much more efficient low voltage is over line voltage outdoor lighting

With our vast knowledge and experience of outdoor lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay would love to discuss the options for the project you have in mind. We can explore solutions for your existing line voltage system and suggest upgrades to low voltage that are easy on your budget and a better fit for your lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more.