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Clearwater Commercial Festival Lighting Is Sure To Make This Local IHOP Pop!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay recently completed an outdoor lighting installation at IHOP of Clearwater, FL in Curlew Crossing. We installed festival café lighting in their two outdoor dining areas. The addition of lighting in these areas give nighttime dining a whole new flair, plus it attracts traffic in the evening. When overcoming dark road frontage, adding overhead festival lighting draws attention and brings added business.

Attract instant attention in the evening, especially if you are a business open during late hours.

We offer commercial and hospitality outdoor lighting for all types of businesses. Restaurants, hotels, bars, shops and more can be gorgeously illuminated for nighttime ambiance. Easily enhance the visual appeal of your locale for your customers, plus provide safety and security. Hospitality outdoor lighting is economical and adds tons of appeal. Operation costs are low thanks to low-wattage LED light fixtures that reduce bottom-line costs.

Keeping your customers safe and secure after sundown is paramount. Prevent accidents on your property thanks to clear visibility. Help customers walk around easily to each area and navigate your sidewalks and pathways with enhanced outdoor lighting. If customers can get to your front door with ease, they will likely keep coming back!

String LightsSecurity is also increased and ensures peace of mind around your commercial business.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay will illuminate dark corners that will help your clients feel safe. We can add parking lot and perimeter landscape lighting to brighten up all those shadowy areas that might make patrons uneasy in the evening.

Exterior hospitality lighting attracts customers and makes your business a stand out in a public setting.

We can light your signage, building facade and/or walls, landscape, sidewalk and patio areas. We can highlight architectural features, ornamental trees and palms, and even a water fountain or pond. Our designers can add colorful light to really put a spin on the evening that will turn heads your way.

Best of all, with every install we do you get a FREE 1-year maintenance plan. We act as your outdoor lighting partners and can come in and tweak, update or repair anything. Just a quick phone call gets someone out there to help you through any issues without any headaches. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

Syrup Pouring on Pancakes

Don’t let your business disappear into the darkness. Let’s put your business in the best light on the block! Be a standout thanks to outdoor hospitality lighting that attracts customers to your location. Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay install and service your St. Petersburg commercial landscape lighting today! Contact us to arrange a free evening demonstration.