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St. Pete FL hospitality lighting is so…well, hospitable!

Business owners in the St. Petersburg area are wising up to how much-improved their storefronts, office facades, and landscaping designs are with commercial outdoor lighting. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay, we know that a great lighting design isn’t all about aesthetics, but also safety and security for business owners and their patrons.

High visibility is one facet of outdoor lighting for business establishments in St. Pete. Of course, if you own or manage a restaurant or hotel in the area, you first and foremost want patrons to see your business at night. Passers-by should be able to identify your property, especially those, who are seeking products and services that you offer. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay knows that hospitality venues with highly-visible signage are more apt to encourage folks to patronize their businesses.

-- Encourage visitors to come to your hospitality establishment by lighting your signage.

With St. Pete hospitality lighting, the difference is night and day!

This St. Petersburg inn called us to say that their façade and landscaping needed visibility at night. They recognized that not only was their business dark and uninviting at night, but they realized that lighting their surrounding trees and walkways would be safer for their residents. Sidewalks, steps, and elements of landscaping pose nighttime trip and fall hazards, and no business owner wants to think that one of their visitors will suffer a fall on their property due to poor visibility. This daytime photo really highlights areas, which might be hazardous to visitors. Elevation changes and differences in walking surfaces should be made visible for safe travel at night.

-- Daytime photo of Sabal Palms Inn denotes elevation and walking surface transitions.

Keep your St. Pete business secure with commercial outdoor lighting

Another crucial element of commercial outdoor lighting is security. Business owners want to be assured that their properties do not welcome would-be intruders. Lighting dark corners, storefronts, windows, and entryways is essential in securing your property and your patrons from break-ins and potential theft. Customers, clients, and residents of hospitality venues will see gorgeous lighting, and will also feel a sense of security in leaving and entering your property in nighttime hours!

-- Palm tree lighting is dramatic and beautiful, but also essential to safety and security!

When it comes to efficiently and effectively lighting your business, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay is your best bet.

Our years of lighting design and installation experience, along with our top-quality LED lighting products, makes us the best choice for properly lighting your business and surrounding property. If you are ready to see the night and day difference in your St. Petersburg hospitality venue, call on us for a free nighttime lighting demonstration!

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