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Enhancing Your St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa Bay Home Security and Safety in a Beautiful Way

When we think of home safety and security, we think of gates, locks, handrails and cameras. While these are great ways to enhance your home’s safety and security, they do nothing to make your home more beautiful. Many residents in Clearwater, St. Pete and Tampa Bay live on streets that do not have visible street lamps, let alone home security lights. One way they are making their homes safer at night is with outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay. Outdoor lighting actually adds beauty to your yard while also enhancing your home security and safety at night.

Outdoor Lighting Where You Need It

Not every home is the same, which is why not every home has the same outdoor lighting design. When it comes to outdoor lighting, you will want a design that not only helps with your home safety and security but also accents your home’s best features. First, we can help you establish the areas of your home that require light for safety and security like entryways and pathways. From there, you can point out your favorite areas of your home that you would like to accentuate like your yard or architecture. With this information, we can design an outdoor lighting concept that adds beauty, functionality, and security to your home.

Oak Tree Lighting

For example, if your home has beautiful landscaping, you won’t want this to become lost in the darkness. Landscape lighting can be placed throughout your yard to brighten it up and reduce shadows, giving intruders fewer places to hide. You can feel safe knowing you have a beautifully lit yard surrounding your house on the darkest of nights.

Safety and Security Lighting that Welcomes You

Traditional security lights can feel a lot like a spotlight on you if they are not installed properly. While these do discourage intruders from visiting your home, they don’t bring out your home’s beauty. When you opt for home security lighting that is designed strategically, you can focus on admiring your home, not avoiding the spotlight. With options like architectural and façade lighting, your home can enjoy added security in a tasteful way that adds ambiance to its unique features. When you or guests arrive at your home, you will be greeted by a beautifully illuminated yard and home, not a spotlight.

Exterior House Lighting

If your home is falling victim to darkness at night and you would like to add home security and safety that showcases just how beautiful your home is, we are happy to help! Contact us to arrange a free evening demonstration.