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UTOPIA Condominium Building on Clearwater Beach’s Sand Key Gets Outdoor Lighting Update

Hospitality lighting is a large part of what we do here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay. We especially love refreshing old or outdated outdoor lighting to make everything feel fresh and bright again. We just worked on one such project with the UTOPIA condominiums directly on Clearwater Beach’s Sand Key.

Condo buildings with palm trees

This ultra-exclusive 28-unit building features breathtaking views of the Gulf in a contemporary setting, and this building’s outdoor lighting needed an update. The building’s homeowners association (HOA) contacted us because their HOA lighting was aging out and they were seeking a dynamic re-design, plus an upgrade to cost-saving LED’s. The resort was built in 2004, back when halogen outdoor lighting was the norm. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay pointed out to the HOA that they could save on energy costs by using super-efficient LED outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Hospitality Lighting Adds Dazzling Drama

For drama, we installed contemporary palm tree up-lighting at the front of the building. You can see the incredible theatrical effect this has at the road, and how the planted beds at the foot of these palms seems to come alive with color and depth.

Front of a condo building with palm trees illuminated by OLP lighting

Outdoor lighting was also added in the pool area to provide sophistication and safety for the residents. Palm trees were skillfully illuminated, as were the pools and hot tubs. Gentle washes of light were elegantly pooled on the hardscape floor and seating areas to create an easy way for homeowners to walk around. Special care was taken so that these areas were bathed in light that would not be pointing at resident’s eyes with a harsh glare. It turned out beautifully and the HOA board was thrilled with the results.

pool area and palm trees lit by OLP lighting

We added path lights that lead down to the beach that not only look spectacular, but also provide safety and security to the residents as they walk to the water’s edge in the evening. Additionally, we augmented outdoor landscape lighting to really play up the drama surrounding the property. Forty elegant fixtures that matched the vibe and architecture of the 9-story building were installed—25 in the back facing the spectacular gulf and 15 in the front of the building.

Turtle-Friendly Outdoor Lighting Adheres to Florida Codes and Saves Sea Turtles

The HOA had many questions, which we were happy to answer. They had a particular concern with the sea turtles that frequent the UTOPIA’s sandy beach, and they wanted to ensure we would be sensitive to the turtles while coming ashore to breed.

baby turtles in the sand going towards the ocean

Turtle-friendly outdoor lighting helps mother sea turtles return securely to the ocean after they lay their eggs. The distraction of white landscape lights can often confuse them and the HOA wanted to ensure that any turtles and their hatchlings that frequent the area could easily find their way back to the sea. We installed turtle-friendly compliant lighting that faces downward and confines the light spectrum so adult and baby sea turtles remain safe and secure.

Right now is the perfect time to update your building’s lighting. Whether you are a hotel, resort, bed & breakfast or condominium, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay can handle all your outdoor lighting needs.

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