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National Outdoor Lighting Month is a Celebration of All Things Bright and Beautiful After Sunset

Luckily for all of us in the Clearwater, Tampa Bay and St. Pete area, life is truly beautiful – especially outdoors. And as the sun sets each day, that beauty becomes ever more enriched with greater textures and depth with our professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting.

outdoor palm tree lighting

It’s Easy to Love Outdoor Lighting

Our years in the business continue to prove that once a client HAS outdoor lighting, there is really no going back. It is just one of those unexpectedly wonderful things you never really knew you needed so much until you have it.

coastal lighting outdoor

Love the light: As day transforms into evening, illuminating your home exterior, landscapes, gardens, pool sides and dock sort of make everything seem almost magical. “Wow … do I REALLY live here,” you may often think on a regular basis. And in addition to enjoying this beauty, safety and security, there is the bonus that Mother Earth also appreciates – how much less energy you’re using. Our LED low voltage outdoor lighting installations cost just pennies a day to operate compared to traditional hard-wired line voltage. Why, you may ask?

backyard firepit lighting

That’s because it’s all about lighting efficiency. The main advantage of our LED lighting is that its low voltage which allows the filaments in our light bulbs to be smaller, and this allows us to design lighting applications in smaller places – as well as in applications where large broadcasts of energy-efficient light are needed.

Love the safety: Our low voltage copper and brass fixtures are safer than line voltage. The lower current flow means a lower risk of an electrical shock and less of a likelihood to cause serious damage. In fact, some locations require low voltage lights in residential and/or commercial locations. And then there is the aspect of personal safety when outdoors after dark. It’s easier to see at night with pathways and deck stairs illuminated for peak performance and efficiency, deliberately casting beams of light downward to avoid shining in your eyes.

outdoor lighting designs

Love the freedom: Our outdoor lighting team often uses the term “We set it so you can forget it.” With our state-of-the-art automatic timing systems, you only need to adjust them in the unlikely event you decide to. For example, if your system operates from dusk until midnight, you’ll probably want to adjust the off time when hosting evening outdoor events, like family reunions which tend to run long into the evening. And talk about convenience, this is done with a simple touch on your digital phone. Yes. It’s that easy.

Love the beauty: As we look back through our photo gallery of custom outdoor lighting designs and installations, we often are reminded how fortunate we are to bring such beauty to the homes, resort areas and businesses we illuminate. Daytime surroundings which often seem subdued in the Florida sunshine burst into life each and every evening.

LED lighting front of house

Love the trust: We have built our acclaimed reputation on personal and business fundamentals we hold dear. Respect. Excellence. And pro-active thinking. These attributes are obvious every day to the clients we serve – and are often the reasons why so many of our clients refer us to their friends and neighbors. It’s a responsibility we never take for granted. And speaking of trust, we can ensure that your lighting system – regardless of its intricacies and scope – will flourish under our care and watchful eye. Our Outdoor Lighting Annual Service and Maintenance Plan guarantees that your system will look terrific – always. You will never have to be concerned about unexpected variables that may impact your system over time, such as burned out bulbs, diminished light spread, plant overgrowth or wire damage due to landscaper or pet missteps. We got you covered.

Outdoor Lighting For A Myriad of Reasons …

Homeowners are not the only ones that enjoy our energy-efficient lighting designs, installations and service. Thankfully our outdoor lighting business has grown exponentially to meet the needs of clients, each with a variety of needs and wants. In addition to home exteriors, our most requested services for design, installation and maintenance come from the following:

- Clearwater Commercial Outdoor Lighting

- Clearwater Holiday Outdoor Lighting

- Clearwater HOA Outdoor Lighting

- Clearwater Hospitality Outdoor Lighting

We have innovative design solutions for each and every need, no matter how small or grandiose. The simple fact is, Clearwater loves outdoor lighting. And we cherish the honor of being its primary outdoor lighting source.

outdoor palm tree lights

Celebrate National Outdoor Lighting Month in style! Let the experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater bring your home and landscape out of the darkness and into the light! Contact us today to learn more, we promise to take good care of you.

Robert Owner

Robert van der Putten, owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay