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Outdoor Lighting With Outdoor Living In Mind

Recent times have forced us to isolate and limit our mobility, yet slowly and safely we are venturing out. We are eager to make up for lost time with our neighbors, families and friends, honor our time-tested traditions and usher in new, fun and safety-conscious ways to entertain.

group of people around a table at outdoor patio with string lighting

Get Outside!

Celebrating outside is more enticing than ever, but what about YOUR outside living space? Being ready could not be easier because you chose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater and Tampa Bay to be your perfect partner when selecting the best lighting system for your garden, backyard and deck.

outdoor lighting fixture

Now is the perfect time to schedule your pre-event season starter check-up. OLP continues to be the industry's full-service leader, offering unmatched options and valuable ways to provide your property with style and sophistication. We are glad to share our most sought-after and worry-free ways to enhance the beauty of your home.

prom dates holding hands

Just recently we received a call from a family looking to provide the setting for a festive event not anticipated until 2020- Hosting an at-home senior prom for their daughter. The family was confident that their decision to install OLP’s highly-efficient LED system and durable high-end copper and brass fixtures would make the occasion as memorable as their dreams would allow.

Maintain Now Enjoy All Season!

Our comprehensive and affordable maintenance plan covers everything from including wiring concerns to equipment repositioning. We also resolve any existing lighting obstructions such as plant overgrowth, and very often we can deliver your desired effect with minor adjustments at no additional cost. Our added design highlights make special occasions magical.

path and landscape lighting

Many homeowners have started to make the time to prioritize tackling of their essential "honey-do list items". Our experienced team will illuminate any and every vulnerable outdoor space, giving your home extensions, additions and recently completed modeling projects a more safe-savvy start this season.

Customers new to our Clearwater community want to put their personal touch on their new home, and we offer first-time designs and upgrades to augment existing systems guaranteed to improve outdoor living gatherings. And as always, don’t forget all new installations come with a complimentary one year of maintenance!

Make the Season Sparkle with Custom Outdoor Lighting!

pool lighting and landscape up-lighting

Will everyone be "dropping by" to enjoy your hot tub, a swim in the pool or lounging near your water feature this year? ABSOLUTELY! Bringing depth and a comforting feel to these areas can be as simple as adjusting the lighting for your grotto or installing back lighting to the waterfall. The result without doubt will be spectacular.

We LOVE what we do and take pride in educating prospective and existing customers about the value of our expert maintenance upgrades and warranties and your satisfaction has kept us earning your trust with our guaranteed products and services.

Contact us today to get started!