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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Adds Elegance and Ambiance at River Hills Country Club with Upscale Outdoor Lighting

The moment country club guests drive through the entryway, they should feel welcome and excited about what’s to come. From the grounds, parking lot and outdoor amenities to the foyer, dining room and beyond, the first impression should be glowing with elegance and beauty.

Since the appearance of the surrounding landscape is a key factor in determining each guest’s overall perception and contributes to their overall experience, it’s critical to accentuate the best features of your property both day and night. That is exactly what Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay did for River Hills Country Club in Valrico, FL.

The architecture and grounds at River Hills is unique. This facility offers golfing and other amenities as well as serving as a venue for weddings and special events. With this in mind, the grounds and clubhouse needed to look spectacular at night. With designer outdoor lighting, we were able to transform these spaces during the evening hours, maximizing each individual’s nighttime experience.

The Benefits of Adding Country Club Outdoor Lighting

Hospitality lighting for golf and private clubs such as this location, should have a refined feel. By using techniques such as up lighting and down lighting, we can highlight textures, depth and dimension and cast shadows for an elegant effect. Professional outdoor lighting is not only about the area you are illuminating, it’s also about the contrast of the darkness. By strategically placing fixtures around the grounds, you can magically illuminate the architecture and landscape of your club property, creating the ideal backdrop for a promising evening.

There are many reasons to add country club outdoor lighting, and our experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay have put together a list of their favorites for you. With country club lighting, you can:

Highlight the Best Features of the Property

Outdoor lighting can transform your country club at night. When it’s done right, you can exquisitely illuminate your club’s best features, such as a structures’ dynamic architecture, water features, flower beds and hardscape areas, as a soft glow falls over the property. With custom illumination, the property can take on a beautiful nighttime persona. Consider the architectural details of the clubhouse that would likely get lost once the sun dips below the horizon. By casting a gentle wash of light over the clubhouse façade, the textures and colors come alive, completely changing the nighttime scenery.

Retain & Attract Members

Members take pride in their club’s appearance. They want to be somewhere special and delight in their surroundings. When members bring visitors along, the club has a new opportunity for membership. By creating a nighttime ambiance that resonates elegance and luxury, you keep your existing members happy while attracting new prospects.

Increase Safety & Security and Reduce Energy Costs

Parking lots, sidewalks and paths can be difficult to navigate in the darkness. If you want to keep your country club grounds safe and secure, professional outdoor lighting is a must. Is your current outdoor lighting system more than a decade old? If you have an older system, upgrading to LED will save you up to 80% in energy consumption, reducing operating costs, as well!

If you’d like to know more about what our custom outdoor lighting can do for your country club, contact us today for your complimentary consultation and demonstration. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Robert Van Der Putten, Owner