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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater Celebrates National Outdoor Lighting Month in Grand Style!

October is National Outdoor Lighting Month, and we love how it’s an annual reminder that taking care of your outdoor landscape lighting is a critical aspect of your home’s overall maintenance. Hard working outdoor lighting has to go on and off every evening and provides your family with safety, security and stunning beauty.

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Less Energy – More Wow!

LED outdoor lighting consumes very little power, so updating your outdoor landscape lighting, home façade lighting, and deck and patio lighting saves you money over time. Old school outdoor lighting is problematic because its outdated halogen bulbs are energy hogs. It wastes money, doesn’t give you the same quality of light output and is a negative to your carbon footprint.

Update Your Outdoor Lighting Timer

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Modernizing your landscape lighting timer is a must for busy homeowners. Why put up with an old timer that is a total nuisance when it comes to keeping your outdoor lighting system going on and off when it should. There is no longer a need to manually adjust a timer to catch up to sunlight changes and Daylight Savings Time. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay offers Lighting Control Automation (LCA) timers that automatically adjust your on/off times based on your zip code. There is nothing to program! It’s easy breezy! If you are interested in a digital or photocell timer, we have those available for you, too.

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

Maintaining your outdoor lighting system during National Outdoor Lighting Month is a no-brainer with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay. Every illumination system we install comes with a complimentary 1-year of maintenance! We come in and check everything for you annually to ensure its all working perfectly. We inspect your timer, transformer, every fixture and the wiring for your piece of mind. Even if we did not install your outdoor lighting, you can purchase our Maintenance Plan. You won’t have to fret about your outdoor lighting again and you won’t have to be concerned about it not working every evening.

backyard with firepit

As the cooler weather heads our way, this is the ideal time to review everything about your outdoor lighting system. Let’s make sure you have enough fixtures to provide the lighting that provides the most benefit. If you’ve got dark corners of your property, let’s extend your system to illuminate these areas to improve security.

Effortless and Safe Navigation

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Let’s look at your pathway lighting, entry and/or stair lighting, along with your driveway illumination. These areas are high use, so you want to be sure they are easy to traverse so that everyone can get around easily. Good visibility prevents a slip or fall and augments accessibility. Walking from your car to your house is stress-free even on the darkest night. Go ahead and walk the dog, roll your trash bin to the edge of the street or check your mailbox at night—we’ve got you covered with great lighting so you can do these tasks effortlessly.

Tis’ the Season for Outdoor Living

October is such a great time to hang out outside during the evenings with family since the humidity is lower and the insect populations are reduced. Make sure your outdoor living space areas are ready for nighttime fun, grilling and dining due to increased illumination. It’s easy to see all around you no matter what the hour with professionally installed outdoor lighting that enables all sorts of nightfall activities. Why hide inside when you can enjoy everything outdoors and add to your home’s square footage with outdoor enjoyment?

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Your Clearwater, Tampa Bay or St. Petersburg home can have boosted use in a budget friendly way when you talk to one of our lighting designers. Outdoor lighting amplifies the use your outdoor areas, and adds value to your real estate. Whether you need a new system or just simple tweaks, we can handle projects of all sizes. Let’s get to improving your outdoor living and emphasizing family time al fresco.

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay review and update your outdoor lighting system this October for National Outdoor Lighting Month. Contact us for a no-contact consultation.