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New LED Outdoor Lighting Systems Enhance Outdoor Living And More!

With the cooler weather rolling in and days getting shorter, it’s the perfect time to focus on getting your property ready for the autumn and winter season. If you’re tired of your old, run down outdoor lighting system and feel like it’s time for a full refresh with a new installation—NOW is the time to get it done with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay.

clearwater tampa bay led outdoor lighting

We are all spending more time at home, and what better way to enjoy family time than to spend it outside on a cool night. Expand your indoor square footage by extending it outdoors thanks to professionally installed outdoor lighting.

Enhance your grilling and dining area with outdoor barbeque lighting that gives you the perfect outdoor task lighting to get the cooking done right. Don’t worry if your steak is cooked all the way through, we will enable you to see everything clearly so you can be a primo outdoor chef. Eating out with your family and friends will be easy thanks to terrific visibility. Your outdoor kitchen will feature task lighting that allows you to food prep, cook and serve with ease.

led outdoor lights for an outdoor kitchen and pool

Don’t let the perimeter of your property sit in darkness. We can put in fresh outdoor landscape path lighting that provides an easy way to traverse your entire garden no matter what the hour. All our fixtures are made of only the highest-quality materials and thick wiring that lasts for years. Despite our Florida sun, salt air and humidity—our fixtures will stand up to tough seasonal weather changes. We can add new outdoor lighting to your flower beds, stone steps, gazebo and all the areas that wind around your landscape.

coastal patio lighting designs clearwater florida

Freshen up a patio or deck with new outdoor lighting that enriches these large outdoor hangout zones. New deck lighting increases safety with deck step lighting fixtures where your guests can easily put a foot on each tread no matter what the hour. We can add overhead festival lighting on your patio that covers a big expanse on a small budget. Outdoor deck and patio lighting gives these areas a big boost in value and beauty.

If you’ve got a hot tub or a heated pool, there is no reason to stop using them despite cooler evenings. New outdoor pool and spa lighting gives you the ability to use these amenities year round because visibility is there. Outdoor lanai lighting, fireplace and firepit outdoor lighting make these features fun to use any night of the year. We give these areas a gorgeous wash of light that does not blare in your eyes, and lets them standout in your property.

clearwater fl pool and water feature led lighting

Outdated or non-existent outdoor lighting does not benefit any homeowner. A new LED outdoor lighting system brings your home out of the darkness to be a standout in the neighborhood and increases usability. Perhaps you’ve tried to DIY it with cheap solar lights that just don’t cut it, particularly as the days get shorter or on rainy days with little sun. You certainly can’t use them in areas under trees, either. Maybe you’ve bought a big box store system with thin metals that faded after just a few years and it looks shabby, so you are disappointed.

led outdoor lighting for your coastal home

There is nothing like a professionally installed outdoor lighting system designed by a skilled lighting designer that knows how to show off your home’s architecture, roofline and trees on your property. We employ theatrical tricks with uplighting, downlighting and we can alter the size and distance of a beam of light without custom fixtures that you could never do with a store bought one. We know how to increase the security on your property with special timers that always make your home look lived in.

Everything that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay installs is backed by our FREE 1-year Maintenance Plan. You get peace of mind thanks to coverage that protects your fixtures, wiring, timer and transformer. We guarantee you will be delighted!

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay show you how a newly installed LED outdoor lighting system can transform your outdoor world. Contact us for a no-contact consultation.