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Our Clearwater Area Professional Outdoor Lighting Sends Big Box Alternatives Packing!

Sometimes we have to shake our heads when we hear homeowners say, “Why should I pay you to install my outdoor landscape lighting instead of just doing it myself?” Sure, it may sound easy to just shove a cheap light fixture into the ground, but you are definitely missing all the benefits that come from a professionally designed and installed system.

Path Lighting

Fixture Quality: Right off the bat, you won’t be able to compare the quality of our American made, commercial-grade fixtures to those you are buying in a big box store. Ours are made of all metal parts with the heaviest gauge wiring available; while theirs are made cheaply of thin metals and plastics. Our fixtures are designed specifically to withstand Florida’s coastal conditions including intense sun and salty air. Those at the big box stores will fade, peel and get corroded with rust since they are made cheaply in China and are not designed for our kind of weather conditions.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay’s fixtures will last for years, and you will have to replace theirs in just a couple of years due to failure. It’s easy to replace or swap our parts on our fixtures at any time, but you will have to just throw away those of our competitors. Why pay for cheaply produced fixtures that have a high rate of failure and you will end up continually pouring money into when our lights will last year after year? Cheap fixtures come at a big price, and you would be saving money by simply investing in a higher quality fixture right off the bat and not having to worry about replacing it again.

Tree Lighting

Painting with Light: Most homeowners do not have the skill or training to install or direct light in the proper way to make their home and property look fabulous. Our lighting designers and installers understand which fixtures work best in your particular situation. We carefully select which fixture will show off your home in grand style without heavy shadows or garish light thrust into your eyeballs or thrown harshly into your windows. We have the equipment to bury your wire safely, get up high into the trees to set up downlights, and hide fixtures in your landscape so you don’t even see them.

Tree Lighting

Our fixtures also come in elegant all -metal styles with amazing variety to match your home. We sell equipment that the big box stores can’t even dream of and we can control how each one sprays light across your home since we can tweak them to cast light in very specific ways. You can’t do that with a retail store fixture!

The designers and installers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay will provide you with a professional, fully customized outdoor lighting scheme that will be unique to your home and will make your property leap out of the darkness with beauty. We will be sure to cover facets of safety and security as well, so you keep intruders at bay and friends and family safe from a tripping hazard as they walk around your pathways.

Light Fixture

Meet Safety Standards: You wouldn’t believe the dangerous situations we’ve seen when it comes to homeowner self-installed off-the-shelf lighting systems. We’ve seen wires above ground and simply hidden underneath a thin layer of mulch or pine needles. We’ve seen thin-grade wire used that can’t support the number of fixtures used. We’ve seen exposed wire connections that can cause a fire, and we’ve seen transformers that have not been properly set up. We’ve seen fixtures unsafely sitting too close to vegetation and a myriad of other dangerous situations. We are licensed to install electrical products for wet conditions and know all the codes and rules involved so you get a safe installation and protect your family. We have the equipment and ability to dig trenches where necessary to get your wiring down into a safe level in the ground, and that no one will accidentally cut while mowing or clipping landscaping. One of our professionally installed systems is set up correctly and safely to safeguard your biggest investment—your home!

Annual Service Plan Protection: Every outdoor landscape system we install is backed by one free year on our annual service plan. After the first year, you can opt to stay on as a service customer. This plan ensures, should you ever run into an issue, we will come out and fix it for you with just a phone call. We can replace bulbs, clip back foliage that may have grown over a fixture, re-bury any wires that may have surfaced over time and much more! We are your partners in outdoor lighting and we will protect your lighting investment. What big box store offers that? Once you buy their lights and you install them, the problems become yours alone.

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay show you the quality difference when it comes to installing custom landscape lighting. Call us today at (727) 513-3420 or email us at

Robert Van Der Putten of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives