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Worry-Free Outdoor Lighting is Made Possible with Preventative Annual Maintenance

As 2020 winds down and the autumn season starts making its way to us with cooler weather, it’s the ideal time to proactively check your outdoor lighting system to make sure everything is working properly to give you trouble-free performance.

Worry-Free Outdoor Lighting is Made Possible with Preventative Annual Maintenance

The end of summer is the best time to begin getting your outdoor lighting cold season ready and get your maintenance checklist completed. Upgrade your outdoor lighting fixtures to LED bulbs to save you money on your monthly power bill. LED’s last up to 50,000 hours longer than conventional halogen bulbs, and require very little upkeep. Let’s service and check your transformer to make sure it’s powering all your fixtures correctly and can handle the load without causing breakers to trip or even cause a fire due to an overload.

DST is Just Around the Corner!

Consider switching to an astronomical timer now that daylight savings time is coming. These handy timers eliminate the need for homeowners to change the hour on their timer as daylight decreases or increases. An astronomical timer automatically changes the time for you based on your zip code so you don’t ever have to fuss with it throughout the year. You set it once, and never have to touch it again.

Worry-Free Outdoor Lighting is Made Possible with Preventative Annual Maintenance

Checking the health of your outdoor lighting with an annual assessment is just as important as with all the other systems that help run your home such as your HVAC, water heater, etc. Just as you wouldn’t ignore the maintenance on your car, you should not disregard your outdoor lighting. Your outdoor lighting is a hard working home system that has to go on and off on a daily basis and it gives your home elegance, functionality, safety and security. It needs to be professionally maintained and checked every year to proactively ensure there are no issues.

Maintenance is Key to a Happy System!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay offers homeowners a complimentary 1-year maintenance plan on each new project we install. Even if your outdoor lighting was not installed by us, we are happy to maintain your outdoor lighting system even if it was installed by a competitor. You can buy a 1-year maintenance plan that protects your outdoor lighting for peace of mind. We will come to your home to inspect your fixtures, wiring, timer and transformer and solve any issues. We will clip foliage back that may be hindering the best illumination output, move fixtures to give better light, change bulbs, re-bury wiring that may have been pushed up from the ground and lots more.

Worry-Free Outdoor Lighting is Made Possible with Preventative Annual Maintenance

Outdoor lighting maintenance is the key to averting future issues later that can be prevented now. We can inspect and service your illumination system before the holiday season starts and family comes in for a visit. We will make sure that your outdoor lighting goes off every evening as expected and exactly when you want it to. Don’t come home to a dark home and risk a fall, or create a security issue because onlookers think you are not home. Let’s get your outdoor lighting working perfectly so that it’s worry-free.

Schedule your preventative maintenance appointment with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay before the busy holiday season kicks in. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation today!