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Backyard Lighting Makes Memories and Cherished Family Time More Possible

Our world has been living through very rough times this year. We are all looking forward to getting back to the work and play we love that strengthens and sustains us. The warmer, pleasant seasons will bring a renewed spirit to our hearts and homes as we emerge from the confines of COVID-19 and of course, the good times to come will be with safety in mind. Being outdoors will also give us the chance to forge happy memories we need more than ever.

backyard seating area next to pool with fire pit illuminated

If you close your eyes, you can picture everything that will shift your safe, social gatherings into high gear. From the classic drive-way basketball game to boards games after dinner on the patio. Don't forget a rousing round of corn hole with friends, or even celebrating a backyard barbeque Bocce battle win with Grandpa.

two men playing chess

The best part of coming to YOUR house means this fun does not end when the sun goes down. Far from it. With outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay we can extend and enhance the good times as long as the lemonade lasts! Let’s explore exactly how we will make this happen.

Clearwater Backyard Lighting

We start by talking about what you may have seen in other backyards compared to our approach, and why. There are many ideas about lighting outdoor spaces which do not produce promised results.

Do you remember last summer when pitching horseshoes with your neighbor on his front lawn? You even lent a hand helping to set up the solar lantern stakes he bought at the local retailer.

Sadly what everyone remembers is how the game came to an early end. Many DIY homeowners looking to boost their "curb appeal" may opt to purchase battery or solar-powered lanterns and fixtures from retail supplies, and are surprised to discover these to be ineffective, unreliable and in the long run cost much more. Your trust in The OLP Difference assures real results.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Gets Everyone On Deck!

Your patio and deck is home for a great game of chess with your aunt and any board game that can be easily transported. Yes, even Twister for the kids! Our team works with you to design a personal look and feel that will withstand those evening standoffs. Make these spaces come to life with professional deck and patio lighting!

backyard and house and surrounding plants illuminated

Let us also suggest a couples only or family movie night, complete with roasting smores around your backyard fire pit. Thoughtful, well-appointed landscape lighting will help you and yours navigate the area easily and safely.

a couple sitting in a backyard drinking red wine watching a movie on a projector

You can count on our outdoor lighting to enhance the experience, knowing that we lead the industry in commercial-grade products, direct hardscape core drilling, surrounding landscape, decorative and permanent festive overhead lighting options and more!

backyard pool party with people enjoying the backyard

Joining your pool loving guests for a twilight game of Marco Polo will be a fantastic compliment to the party. Our water feature lighting designs are second to none, and everyone will comfortably enjoy refreshing poolside drinks in the warm night air.

Keys To The OLP Difference:

  • Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay only installs high-quality, state-of-the-art and durable equipment guaranteed to last year after year in our coastal conditions.
  • We offer warm, vibrant designs that deliver a blended appearance and integrated functionality everyone will immediately see and feel.
  • Our expert pricing and durable lighting accents extend your living and entertaining enjoyment and leaves a heart-warming impression.

Contact us to capture countless memories in your yard, deck, around the pool, your water feature and your lush garden areas in your best light!