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5 Reasons You’ll Love Path Lighting for Your Clearwater Home

When considering the addition of outdoor lighting at your Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg or Clearwater-area home don’t forget about path lighting. Path lighting is the unsung hero of any successful landscape lighting design and for good reason!

While the focus of your landscape lighting is often a majestic tree or a favorite outdoor living space, path lighting delivers a cohesive look. Illuminating walkways and pathways not only offers an ambient setting, you’ll never have to worry about visitors not arriving safely at your doorstep. There are many benefits to path lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay has chosen five reasons to fall in love with our path lighting as part of your outdoor lighting design.

1. Beauty

Path lighting complements the surrounding landscape and your home’s architecture. Aesthetically, there is nothing more romantic than a well-lit path to your door washed in the ambiance of soft light. Path lighting helps set the mood for your entire landscape lighting design, adding character and a welcoming glow. Path lighting is the ideal accent to your Clearwater landscape lighting.

Pathway Lighting

2. Fixtures

We realize the value of customized lighting, this is why we only use superior commercial quality fixtures where we can control the amount of light that is cast across an area. Our path lighting fixtures can cover a targeted pinpoint to a wider range to give as much coverage as you need. Our fixtures are American made with materials that are made to last and the highest grade wiring available. Among our most popular path lighting fixture is the BB07 which is made of solid copper and brass that patinas elegantly over time.

3. Safety

Garden Path Lighting

Whether you’re entertaining guests or running outside to check the mail, you’ll appreciate the safety features of landscape lighting for your Clearwater home. These guiding lights ensure that no one takes a wrong turn or a fall. If your pathway is long and doesn’t pick up light sources from your other exterior lighting, it
can literally be pitch black. Walkways, pathways and sidewalks should allow you and your guests sure footing during the day or night, and our path lights give you a wider spread of light without having to use more light making any object in your path clearly visible. Pathway lighting is a great solution to thwart potential hazards.

4. Energy Efficiency

Using LED outdoor lighting for your Clearwater home’s pathway lighting is the smart choice for energy efficiency. LED fixtures last much longer than any other types of lighting. One bulb can last more than 50,000 hours! LED bulbs also don’t get hot, so they’ll never be a fire hazard.

5. Complete Control

Another great feature of pathway lighting is being able to use one our innovative LCA timers so you can effortlessly adjust when the lights come on, based on when it gets dark. With this easy to use system, you can manage all the landscape lighting effortlessly for your Clearwater home.

Path Lighting

Here’s a sneak peek of a landscape lighting installation we are currently working on in Clearwater, FL. On this project, we are installing 90 of our beautiful BB07 path lights. The five reasons listed above certainly won over the homeowners of this property, featured in the pictures below. This versatile path lighting fixture with its copper finish serves as the perfect accent for their Mediterranean- style home and will elegantly light the way for guests.

Path Lighting
pathway Lighting

We can’t wait to show you the after images by night…stay tuned!

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay ensure sure footing, beauty and safety with path lights by calling us at (727) 513-3420 or email us at

Robert Van Der Putten of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives