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Enjoy Spring Evenings In Clearwater, St. Petersburg And Tampa Bay Surrounded By Exquisite Professional Outdoor Lighting

Ah … the glories of Springtime … nature’s gift to us.

To ensure that you make the most out of every day, and linger, leisure and love longer during each Spring evening after dusk, trust Outdoor Lighting Perspectives for their custom designed professional outdoor lighting low voltage illuminations and beams of the perfect light.

Soft glows – never harsh – are purposely designed by our Florida landscape lighting experts to perfectly brighten up your outdoor living spaces for your ultimate enjoyment – and those of your family members and guests.


Patios, lanais, decks and hardscapes are all the rage here in the Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg and Clearwater area. The main reason for their popularity is the way they complement the architecture of many West Central Florida home styles.

These outdoor living spaces are also an easy match for many of the materials that are used on your homes, including stone, brick, stucco and slate and tile roofing. Just think of the masonry waterfront homes in Venetian Isles, Broadwater and Yacht Club Estates, for example. These most special outdoor living spaces are also a more natural companion to the abundance of pools and coastal outdoor living spaces throughout Pinellas and Hillsborough County.

With this in mind, it is only natural that homeowners wish to take advantage of the benefits their patio, lanai, deck and hardscape has to offer into the evening. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater and Tampa Bay is able to extend the time you can enjoy these most special spaces through the ultimate outdoor lighting experience.

The Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg and Clearwater area architectural style is unique and the landscaping is distinctive. That’s why your outdoor lighting has to be as exceptional as your home and outdoor living spaces.

Worth noting for those who have solid foundations in their outdoor living spaces, we have a Core Driller, so we are able to easily access your concrete and hardscape and can drill out the areas where we need to install lighting.

Having crucial machinery on hand makes many of the elemental details of our hardscape lighting projects possible. Other lighting companies would have had to outsource a costly core driller for this important detail or sacrifice aesthetic through second-choice placement of lights.

This is just one more reason why our custom outdoor designs for pool surrounds, pathways and water features are so popular. We have the equipment to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

Illuminations For Clearer, Safer And More Secure Pathways Throughout Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg And Clearwater

When it comes to outdoor lighting, especially in areas often travelled and walked upon in the nighttime hours, such as pathways and driveways, the balance between beauty and safety is critically important.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, Robert van der Putten and his team of outdoor lighting and landscape lighting professionals have mastered this art, ensuring that the elegance of your outdoor space does not come at the expense of safety.

Our acclaimed illumination designs prioritize the functionality of our custom lighting. We strategically place fixtures to eliminate dark spots. This thoughtful planning reduces the risk of trips and falls, offering peace of mind for homeowners and guests alike. Yet, functionality doesn’t mean sacrificing aesthetics – it celebrates it.

Our handcrafted proprietary brass and copper LED outdoor lighting fixtures are efficient and truly works of art. We carefully select the types of LED light fixtures and their placement to complement the natural beauty of your garden, pathways, and more. The result is a harmonious blend of safety and beauty that adds to the charm of your space. After all, you deserve only the best.

Well-Planned And Appointed Dock And Pier Lighting For Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg And Clearwater By Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Whatever waterside activities you most enjoy, our perfected Dock Lighting ensures you can see well enough to do it all safely. Whether you and your companions are night fishing, pulling your boat in from a pleasure ride, swimming, or simply enjoying quality time with family and friends, beneficial dock lighting and pier lighting ensures you can safely navigate your dock clearly. You can easily get in and out of your boat with solid footing thanks to proper visibility, and see everyone that is in or near the water, too.

Our time-tested dock lighting fixtures are made for our sometimes tough Florida weather including intense sun, heat, salty water and ocean air. Thanks to their all-metal, commercial quality construction that won’t rust, fade or peel over time, our Dock Lighting fixtures are made in the United States specifically for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and exceed our highest standards so that we can ensure they last for years to come – an investment in illumination safety that is worth its weight in gold.

Spring Evenings Are Always A Celebration Thanks To Our Custom Backyard Lighting Designs In Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg And Clearwater

How do we embrace each Spring evening in so many ways?

A Florida favorite is our festive bistro String Lighting and Café Lighting installations. Delicately draped overhead backyard outdoor living spaces to augment the twinkling lights from the stars above, these glints and glimmers of soft illumination add sheer magic to your outdoor spaces after dusk.

The truth of the matter is, our custom-made String Lights are one of the most versatile backyard lighting solutions available. They can be creatively manipulated to fit into any space, regardless of the size or shape. With our exacting professional installation, you can rest assured our team will install poles where needed to support your suspended lights and use the exact amount of String Lighting so there are no extra wires. With our café-style Bistro Lights, you get the glow you want and the versatility you need to enjoy your yard to the max.

Outdoor Living Pleasures And Necessities Enjoy Heightened Functionality With Our Custom Outdoor Lighting Installations In Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg And Clearwater

Optimum visibility with soft – never harsh – outdoor lighting effects is one of our biggest claims to fame.

If you think that your outdoor fire pit and fire feature is something special, just wait until you see its exterior come to life at night. Hardscape textures and colors seldom seen and enjoyed at night dance under our targeted illumination effects.

And for the hosts throughout Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg and Clearwater who frequently entertain family, friends and loved ones via their Outdoor Kitchens, ensure that everyone doesn’t miss a moment of culinary grilling magic and festive fun with backyard task lighting illumination that will surely whet appetites.

All This And More Is At Hand To Brighten Your Life In Ways You May Have Never Thought Possible

Discover how to enjoy your great outdoors to its fullest extent and call us for a complimentary outdoor lighting design consultation. Dial 727-513-3420; or simply click this link right here to connect with us. We’d love to hear from you.

Robert van der Putten, owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay.