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Enhanced Safety and Aesthetics For VRBO And Airbnb’s With Outdoor Lighting

Okay, Clearwater and Tampa Bay VRBO and Airbnb rental property owners. Let’s put on our thinking caps.

Q. Why do families vacation here?

A. Our beautiful weather and gorgeous coastal areas.

Q. What’s the one affordable home improvement that will make your rental rise and shine far above any other in the market?

A. The addition of professional, dependable outdoor lighting for your home exterior, landscape, gardens, pathways, and pool areas.

Q. Where do vacationing families want to spend their evenings at your VRBO or Airbnb property?

A. In our great outdoors in your backyard, outdoor living spaces, and poolside.

Q. I heard that cheap solar outdoor lights are a waste of money. What’s the best alternative for the long run?

A. Custom designed and expertly installed outdoor illumination surrounding and showcasing your property – with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater and Tampa Bay.

What Is The Best Outdoor Landscape And Garden Lighting To Enjoy Fragrant Evening Flowers In Bloom?

Here in Florida, both residents and vacationing families alike know that the official start of evenings is when night-scented flowers and flora release their sweet fragrances as dusk falls.

Here are the best fragrant flowers that will shine each and every evening courtesy of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives as they release their luscious scents around your home and throughout your resort landscape.

1. Angel’s Trumpet(Brugmansia or Datura)

2. Hesperis Matronalis

3. Tobacco Plant

4. Night Phlox

5. Petunia

6. Wisteria

7. Star Jasmine

8. Regal Lily

9. Honeysuckle

10. Night-Scented Stock

11. Dianthus

12. Summer Phlox

13. Evening Primrose

14. Halliana

Using our custom-designed low voltage outdoor lighting solutions, your rentals guests will think that they have found themselves in Heaven on Earth come nighttime. And just think of the residual benefits.

• Glowing reviews to share when back home with their family and friends

• Facebook and Instagram stories via social media travelogue posts

• 5-Star Reviews on VRBO and Airbnb

Stunning And Environmentally-Friendly Brass And Copper Outdoor Lights For Every Reason And Every Season

Beautification and Curb Appeal: Outdoor lighting adds more aesthetic highlights to your vacation rental backyard by bathing the exterior in the soft glow of LED lighting. Architectural highlights and nuances come to life at night with the right light.

Boundless Enjoyment: With the right light, all of your property can be enjoyed to the max as night falls. Have us create a plan to make your outdoor living areas more usable and easier to access after dusk. Remember your patio, fire pit, grill area, dock, deck, pool, hot tub, and conversation areas. Be sure to ask about our joyous festive string outdoor lighting options.

Enhanced Safety and Security: One of the worst things imaginable is a family having a negative or dangerous experience at your Clearwater and Tampa Bay vacation rental. Eliminating dark and scary spaces around your property will encourage families – especially with small children – to fully enjoy their evenings outdoors. And in addition to security, especially while vacationing, safety is job one. You want to make sure that approaches to your vacation home are clearly visible, as well as pathways, entrances, outdoor recreation spaces, and access to your pool and the beach. We even offer turtle-friendly outdoor lighting for beachfront properties.

Get Out Of The Dark By Servicing, Adding, Or Upgrading

Your Outdoor Lighting

Time is money. Don’t waste it. Bring the ultimate outdoor lighting experience to your rental guests today. Click here for more information.

Robert van der Putten, owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay.