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Outdoor Fireplace Lighting Exudes Warmth of a Fire Every Evening

Custom projects are our specialty at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay. We especially love the challenge and artistry needed to illuminate fireplace and fire pit areas in the landscape or as part of your patio. Most backyard lighting installers miss the mark entirely when it comes to focusing light on these fiery outdoor amenities simply because they have no idea where to start.

Backyard with String Lighting
— Backyard fire pit featuring romantic festive string lighting overhead.

Our lighting designers here at OLP Clearwater & Tampa Bay know exactly how to make these evening amenities glow—even when they are not hosting a fire at the particular moment. Sure your fire pit can look gorgeous when filled with logs and the flickers of flames are roaring—BUT, what about when it’s not in use? We can help you make sure your fireplace looks equally as stunning when it’s not running and evening dawns. We can still give you all the warmth and elegance and feeling of warmth any night of the year.

Why let a special architectural feature such as a stone fireplace disappear into darkness—especially when it’s often such a costly investment? Often times, a paver fire pit is a central emphasis of a backyard landscape, so why let it sit idle simply because it’s dark out and it’s not in use? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay can show you how we can breathe life into your fire pit area by bathing it in a fabulous light that will give you all charm and luminosity of a fire thanks to the theatrical tricks our trained designers employ.

Hardscapes such as fireplaces, fire pits, retaining walls, fountains and other
elements made out of stone, pavers, brick, stucco, slate and tile are a delight to illuminate thanks to their texture and color in the landscape. They beg to be lit up to add heft and a stately structure to any outdoor oasis, but typically your landscaper will have no clue how to make these features a focal point because they are not trained with the proper skills. Shoving a cheap outdoor light and pointing it at a fireplace or other such feature does nothing more than make it look harsh. At OLP Clearwater & Tampa Bay, we know that these are elements that require beautiful and delicate layers of lighting to make them stand out. Hidden uplighting and special downlighting are required to achieve a natural effect.

We can cast distinct shadows on your fireplace using strategic lighting techniques that will make your stone come to life. Even if you have a fire going, our soft lighting technique will not take away from the real flicker of flame. We can gently cast light around the pavers surrounding your fire pit so you and your guests can safely gather around it well after sundown. We can work with your architect to put wiring in before your stone and pavers go in place; OR we can certainly help you retrofit new lighting into a patio, deck or fireplace area that already exists, too. We own our very own core drill, so this gives us the ability to place and hide light wells into your concrete so they are not obtrusive or a tripping hazard. Core Drilling Results in a Seamless, Cohesive Outdoor Lighting Design for Your Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay Home.

Let the lighting designers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay, assist you with your St. Pete-area outdoor fireplace and fire pit lighting for both beauty and safety. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay today at (727) 513-3420 or email us at

Robert Van Der Putten of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives