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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Servicing, Upgrading And Adding To Existing Outdoor Lighting And Landscape Lighting Systems

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home. It is such a wonderful and exciting time as you explore new spaces and technologies that help make your home the special place that it is.

In the event your home came with an outdoor lighting and landscape lighting system, you may not be sure what makes it tick and how it works, especially if you have never had outdoor lighting before. Well, that’s where we can help, and it would be our pleasure to do so.

For starters, be sure to add our information in your Contacts or Address Book of Phone Numbers:

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater and Tampa Bay

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Now that you know how to reach us, let’s talk about some of the questions new homeowners often are wondering about when they reach out to us.

“I Bought A House With An Existing Outdoor Lighting System – Can You Service It For Me?”

Yes, we can service any low voltage outdoor lighting service and landscape lighting system. Since 1999, we are proud to be recognized as the authority in outdoor lighting design, sales, service and installation.

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“I Bought A House With An Existing Landscape Lighting System – Can You Add To It?”

Absolutely yes, we can service and upgrade any low voltage outdoor lighting service and landscape lighting system. In fact, as you may not know what additions would make the most sense based on what you’re looking for, we will gladly visit with you to chat about what your current system is all about and how we can add more scope, definition and highlights to maximize its impact and effectiveness.

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“I Bought A House That Already Has An Outdoor Lighting System – Can You Change It Or Replace It For Me?”

Yes, and we have been doing so for 24 years and counting. Technicians, landscapers, developers, home builders and property managers throughout Clearwater and Tampa Bay will sing our praises as being the only name you need to know for advice, design help, outdoor lighting fixture choices, installation, maintenance and service for landscape lighting and architectural accent highlighting.

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“I Bought A House That Came With An Outdoor Lighting System, And I Don’t Know If It Works Properly. Can You Help Me, Please?”

Yes, it would be our pleasure to do so. Our COLT-Certified outdoor lighting specialists are expertly trained in the latest exterior lighting diagnostics and have the knowledge, skill set and equipment to ensure that your outdoor lighting system works well – and in most cases better than the first day it was originally installed for the previous owners.

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Especially if your system is several years old, there has been significant advances in technologies that can give your system new vibrancy and life while beautifying your home and making it more safe and secure.

Here Are Several Advancements In Outdoor Lighting Technology, Fixtures And Systems That May Have Occurred Before Your Home Was First Built

1. LED Outdoor Lighting Is The New Standard Of Excellence Replacing Old Fashioned Halogen Bulbs.

Light-emitting diode (LED) technology has revolutionized outdoor lighting. LEDs offer high energy efficiency, longer lifespans, and a wide range of color options. They have become the standard for outdoor lighting due to their durability and reduced energy consumption. If your system is not LED, it should be.

2. Smart Lighting Technology Is In Its Prime.

As digital devices continue to be an integral part of our everyday lives, integration of outdoor lighting with smart technology has gained popularity. These systems use sensors, timers, and remote controls to optimize energy usage and adjust lighting levels based on environmental conditions and user preferences. Smart lighting also allows for programmable schedules and enhanced security features to give you as much control as you please over the operation of your system. The best news? Our experts will ensure that it is completely set up and operational for you, so you don’t have to do a thing if you prefer it that way.

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Wireless Connectivity At Your Disposal.

The use of wireless connectivity, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allows for remote monitoring and control of outdoor lighting systems. Users can adjust lighting settings, schedule operations, and receive real-time notifications through mobile apps or centralized control platforms. It’s as easy as it can possibly get.

4. Advanced Controls For color-changing And Dimming.

Our outdoor lighting systems now offer sophisticated control options, including the ability to change colors in an instant and dimming capabilities. Dimmable LED lights allow users to adjust brightness levels according to their needs, enhancing energy efficiency and creating desired lighting atmospheres.

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5. Exquisite Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Design And Durability.

Like all good things in the world of electronics, our outdoor lighting fixtures have become more rugged and resistant to environmental factors such as water, dust, and extreme temperatures. This ensures reliable operation in various outdoor conditions and extends the lifespan of our lighting systems. And in the event your system needs service or maintenance, just call us at 727-513-3420.

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Now That You Know Who Can Help You, Let’s Chat

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To speak to one of our professionals, call us at 727-513-3420. It would be our pleasure to be of help.

Robert van der Putten, owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay.

Robert van der Putten, owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay.